Board of Directors

“Coming together to create an environment that supports ISKL’s mission and vision.”

The Board of Directors is the governing body of ISKL. Comprised of 8 to 14 parents elected by their community, the Board sets school policy and monitors implementation of it.

As a non-profit school, the Board has fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all resources are well managed and invested to support our only shareholders – the students. The Board meets regularly throughout the school year, both as a whole and in working committees, to achieve ISKL’s mission.

ISKL Board of Directors 2018 - 2019

Kelly O'Hale


Andrew Davis


David Thomas


Radhika Savant Mohit


Dean Thompson


Hisham Mokhtar


Ian Brown


Jay Woo


Jessica Wright


John Beattie


Keith Kuchner


Laura Stubblefield



Matt Keene


Toshi Saito