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Pursuits Program

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ISKL’s innovative Pursuits Program is a two-year course for Grade 11 and 12 students who want to gain recognition for a targeted area of study, as well as for students who would like to sample a career-related field of study. It offers students the opportunity to combine individual IB, Advanced Placement, and High School Diploma courses to create their own program of study and take a deep dive into areas of distinction. Students can apply their learning in an authentic environment outside the classroom setting.

Pursuits encourage students to pursue their dreams, find themselves, and explore opportunities and pathways that focus more or emphasize their interests and strengths. Students have the opportunity to personalize their own learning experience and to pursue their career aspirations.


Course Mode

Self-directed with help from mentors/Pursuits Practicum

Course Duration

Two academic years


August Intake

Course Syllabus

Area of Distinction

Based on interests and ambitions, students select one speciality area upon which to focus in Grade 11 and 12, taking a set of courses related to that area.

Applied Learning

An opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a learning experience outside and traditional classroom setting.

Self-Directed Learning

Two semester-long courses of self-directed study related to their Area of Distinction.

The Pursuits program allows students to personalize a learning experience for themselves based on an area of interest.

Students select ONE specialty area to focus on in Grade 11 and 12, taking a set of courses related to that area.

Areas of Distinction Include:

Students choose four courses in their area of distinction to help them specialize

  • Must select a minimum of 4.0 credits from courses
  • The Pursuits Practicum requirement is a minimum of 0.5 credits

Self-directed learning: two semester-long courses based on student’s area of distinction

Pursuits Practicum: An opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a learning experience outside the traditional classroom setting

  • Off-campus opportunity (e.g., internship, research assistant, dedicated service)
  • Work placement on campus
  • Other options (must be approved by ISKL)

Our Faculty’s Take On Pursuits

Jeff Farrington - ISKL's High School Principal
Jeff Farrington, High School Principal
ISKL is working to create a range of programs with enough flexibility to cater to the needs and interests of ALL students.
Bringing community mentorship, network building, practical experience and critical reflection to an individualized program of study, Pursuits gives ISKL students the opportunity to extend their learning and skill set beyond the classroom experience.
Dan Miles Profile Picture
Dan Miles, Pursuits Coordinator
Alison Lewis Pursuits Program
Alison Lewis, HS Counselor
It's so exciting to see my students explore their interests and feed their strengths in the Pursuits Program. The curiosity and initiative it takes to direct their own learning is impressive, giving them lifelong skills for successfully navigating their own paths.

Student Testimonials

Evelynn Pursuits Photo
Evelynn, Pursuits Student
I am so glad that I chose Pursuits because I've had the option to focus on something that I care about and really want to learn and understand. Pursuits is much more dynamic, and you have to be more organized to be able to know what you're doing every day. It's an independent program. You have to be on top of yourself if you want to get somewhere and learn.
I was able to take the Pursuits class because I can do something that I'm passionate about other than taking classes that I wouldn't want to take. I took Pursuits so I could take more visual arts classes and do more stuff that I found fun personally without being held back by all the IB requirements.
Sarah B. Pursuits Student Photo
Sarah, Pursuits Student

Why take Pursuits?

  • Develop skills in analysis, communication, and teamwork
  • Expand one’s critical decision-making skills
  • Opportunities to personalize, specialize and create a tailored curriculum
  • Opportunities for real-world and hands-on experiences
  • Access to industry experience with internships

The Pursuits program is filled with career-ready prospects, helmed by opportunities such as a work placement program, internship opportunities, and chances to beef up a student’s CV.

ISKL is not just any school but a center for advancement, discipline, and responsibility. The skills equipped here are not rudimentary but meant to facilitate the students’ growth and development into the actual working sector.

PURSUITS Program Overview

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