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High School (HS) Counseling

The health and well-being of our student body is at the heart of the counseling program.
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Comprehensive counseling within the High School environment targets students on a more mature social-emotional level whilst addressing the academic requirements crucial for their departure from ISKL.  Delivery methodologies incorporate a variety of programs that support students within pastoral advisory, grade level, small group, 1-to-1 and online counseling sessions.

Our specialist counselors are well versed on current university and college admission requirements worldwide and provide extensive support to individuals on entry protocols.  Their continual commitment, communication and evolving relationships with students during their High School education builds an in-depth understanding of dispositions; all of which reinforce entry guidance to specific courses and international higher education institutions whether it be on an academic or creative level.

The health and wellbeing of a student body remains at the heart of the counseling program and is strengthened by an ongoing collaboration between students, parents, teachers, administrators and the school psychologist.


  • Grade-level seminars and advisory programs focus on student health and wellbeing 
  • Individual, small group and online counseling sessions
  • Regular wellbeing surveys
  • Counseling curriculum targeted at emerging, data-supported community needs within the classroom.
  • Professional guidance on curriculum choice and subject selection
  • In depth support and consideration of beyond-school choices whether that be at university, college, service*, gap year, or workplace.
  • Ensuring an honest approach and guidance in the selection of a ‘best-fit’ university or college and supporting the application and admission process.

High School Counseling Program Overview


ISKL’s high-profile reputation is recognized amongst the array of international university outreach initiatives.   The role of any one of our counselor team members is to promote our students within the international circuit of higher education establishments. Their continued focus on opening up communication channels whilst building upon relationships with key personnel, either in-person or online, ensures they remain current on international admission policies.

This is integral in establishing the most appropriate future education for your child.

ISKL families can feel confident that each counselor’s insightful research and knowledge is incorporated into a system of workshops to systematically approach the university selection process with ease.  Comprehensive and thoughtfully curated reference materials on widespread universities, financial aid and career choices are readily accessible for students and their families to review.  Whether your emerging adult is remaining in Asia or venturing beyond, every student is a priority and those interested in taking American university entrance exams such as SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) or American College Test (ACT) are fully supported.

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