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High School Student Experience

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A Day in the Life of ISKL High School Students

School Day

School hours for High School are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Each High School student will have eight classes over two days and end their school day at 3:00 pm. High School operates on an eight-day rotating schedule, with 75 – 80 minute class times.

Identity Card

ISKL students are issued an ID card and must carry this card whenever they are on campus. ID cards are required for campus access, cashless pay system, checking out books from the library, and printer usage.


ISKL provides High School students with book lockers and combination locks. Students are reminded to keep their valuables inside their lockers and are encouraged not to bring valuable items unrelated to school activities.

Driving to School

Students who wish to drive to school must obtain permission from the Principal as well as written permission from their parents. Cars must have current ISKL car decals.

Parent Communication

A great partnership between home and school is essential for success at ISKL. In order to promote effective two-way communication, the High School employs various methods of communication using technology and parent conferences.

Student Leadership Team

In High School, The Student Leadership Team (SLT) comprises an elected body of student representatives who advocate for student voice in learning, enrich the community, enhance school spirit, and create lasting memories for all students at ISKL. Each SLT member serves on an events committee that organizes events for the High School, such as Spring Fest, Graduation, and Prom. Beyond these events, the SLT is committed to learning and practicing effective leadership skills through an extensive mentorship program. Follow our SLT on Instagram.

Global Action Program

ISKL’s Global Action Program (GAP) is part of our holistic approach to learning in which we expose our students to new activities, cultures, ideas, physical challenge, and environments. The program evolves directly from the Mission and Vision of ISKL, through which we seek to encourage socially responsible students who are inspired to be contributing and active global citizens in an interconnected world. 

The experiential learning embedded in the Global Action Program provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore the physical, social, economic, and cultural environment of our amazing region. The highlight of the GAP experience is the annual student travel to locations within Southeast Asia, usually the last week of October, or first week in November.  Students choose the destination and focus of their travel experience and are assigned to grade-level travel teams of 14-16 members.  For many students taking part in this annual event is the highlight of their ISKL experience.  Participation is compulsory for all High School students except those in Grade 12 who remain on campus to focus on the demands of their senior year.

The program’s goals are to: 

Increase Awareness 
In order for a student to be an effective global citizen, they must first develop a curiosity about their world and the varied and complex issues that are part of it. The GAP experience includes engaging with perplexing obstacles and opposing viewpoints, inspiring students to cultivate confidence and view these turning points as opportunities to learn and act.

Build Community 
Since being a productive team member is an essential 21st century skill, travel teams will strive to build supportive, inclusive, respectful relationships with all team members, giving particular attention to those with diverse perspectives.  

Inspire Informed Action
In support of our mission to cultivate socially responsible global citizens, each Global Action travel team works to deepen their understanding of how economic, environmental, and political issues impact their partner GAP community while simultaneously investigating how to support communities in taking informed action in solving those needs.

Brian Hall
Global Action Program (GAP) Director
P: +603 4813 5003
E: [email protected]

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