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The co-curricular program at ISKL complements our holistic education in supporting students to explore their passions and interests, achieve their goals, and better understand themselves. Essentially, we provide a world of opportunities for your child.
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Our inquisitive young learners in their discovery stage have the chance to participate in a variety of after school activities.

Our Middle Schoolers are given opportunities to explore new interests, develop their skills, and grow as human beings via different extracurricular activities.

Our High School students thrive in their ability to choose and lead clubs from more than 70 types of co-curricular activities available.



The ISKL co-curricular program complements our holistic education in supporting students to explore their passions and interests, achieve their goals, and better understand themselves. Our mission is to provide each student with the time, environment, and opportunities to be enquirers, to follow their passion, and to develop their artistic and sporting capabilities as well as their cognitive abilities. Participation in a wide variety of after-school activities is a vital part of our educational philosophy.

ISKL’s robust co-curricular activities program allows each pupil to thrive as they progress through the school. 

  • Elementary School students discover an enriched learning experience that is engaging, challenging, innovative, and inspirational 
  • Middle School students get to explore their passions and interests, developing agency and a lifelong love of learning

High School students are empowered to choose and lead clubs based on their interests, competencies, and aspirations in preparation for life beyond ISKL

The opportunities to learn outside the classroom are invaluable in supporting your child to be all they are – whether digging deep and achieving a personal best on the climbing wall, playing a fun game of four square with friends, or making new connections at a sporting tournament. These experiences are so important in helping our students discover new passions and interests and develop lifelong skills. They also create memories that last forever.

Although it is not compulsory, all students are actively encouraged to explore and develop new skills, interests, and passions by getting involved in after-school activities. Students have the opportunity to participate in these invaluable learning experiences. Beyond athletics, humanities, arts, STEM, language, and culture, wellness, advocacy, community partnerships, and sustainability clubs, ISKL’s co-curricular program bring a kaleidoscope of memories for your child.

There is perhaps no greater catalyst for empowering students than providing them with opportunities to thrive into global citizens. The co-curricular program helps cultivate critical skills such as flexibility, resilience, the ability to think critically, take care of the well-being of oneself and others, and look at the world from the perspective of others that is not only beneficial in terms of education, but also beyond the classroom.

We offer different types of co-curricular activities for our students including sports, performance, art, music, Model United Nations (MUN), debate, and clubs covering every topic from animal rescue to robotics. We also provide cultural enrichment experiences and travel throughout the region for service learning, sporting tournaments, and cultural conventions. Grade level performances, parent workshare events, and cultural celebration days provide students with opportunities to engage and showcase their learning and to experience live performances.

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