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As proud members of the ISKL family, we wish you all the best in your journeys ahead. You've got this, Class of 2022!
ISKL Graduates
The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Graduating Class of 2022, you are making us proud. You have managed to stay resilient and remain strong. You have succeeded in your pursuits beyond all of our expectations.

What is important for you to remember is that the competencies you acquired have given you everything that you will need in order to reach your goals,  overcome adversity, and make a difference in the world around you.

You are the very definition of #ISKLProud

Official hashtag: #ISKLGrads

Countdown to ISKL's Graduation Ceremony!


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Why not give the ISKL community a heads up on your university destination in preparation for the upcoming graduation?
Submit your details here and be featured on the new official university destination and gap year Instagram page for ISKL graduates from the past, present @ISKLGrads!



This year, we have made it easy to get into the spirit and celebrate our graduating Seniors in the Class of 2022! Check out the different graduation props you can use to share the love! 

Share your stories

As the school year comes to an end, now is a fantastic time to start collecting memories, advice, words of wisdom, and even jokes to share with the graduating class of 2022.

This is your chance to offer our Seniors a farewell message before they embark on a journey into the great unknown - a world far beyond ISKL!

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Wondering how to put on that cap and gown?

Here are the instructions by your friendly Panther!

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Senior Treats

Senior Treats is a beloved ISKL tradition where we cheer on our graduating seniors, letting them know we are here for them and have the community’s support.
Many thanks to all our lovely Senior Treats team of parents!

Class of 2021 Senior Awards

This annual event recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence, dedication, and passion for academics, sports, visual, and performing arts or participated in community service. Let’s look at the 2021 awards recipients.

The 2022 awards recipients will be announced in June 2022.

Where Are Our Panthers Heading to Next?

We are excited to see our Seniors continue planning their future as more university application results have been announced!
The graduating Class of 2021 has already received more than 280 acceptances and offers from over 130 universities in 12 countries spanning four continents. With acceptances from over 57 new universities in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA, and the UK, we are excited to see the many paths that will open for ISKL’s Class of 2022!
This is a remarkable testament to ISKL’s flexible academic program, which has created these global opportunities for the global citizens of tomorrow.


With our Class of 2022 graduating, it’s time to move forward and experience #LifeAfterISKL!

Meet Aina Farid (’15), an ISKL Alumni and Senior student at the University of Wyoming. Check out these videos where Aina talks about graduating from ISKL, the benefits of having finished the IB Diploma, and her life studying in the US. Follow her journey, learn about what it’s like across the pond, and experience life at the University of Wyoming through Aina’s eyes!
And we’d like to invite you to share your #LifeAfterISKL stories with us as well!


Graduates! You are now part of the ISKL Alumni community!
Stay in contact and join the official ISKL Alumni network to catch up with old friends, meet other alumni working or studying in your field or region, and stay informed about ISKL Alumni and school events and news.


The Class of 2022 is full of diverse people and personalities with exciting stories to tell! We’ve been lucky enough to feature some of them in Panthers of ISKL, our unique platform where we shed light on members who make up our vibrant and colorful ISKL community. Here are some of our Class of 2022 students we’ve interviewed so far!