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Elementary School (ES) Counseling and Guidance

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Our school counselors work closely with teachers, parents and administrators to advocate for students and ensure that their issues are understood and their needs are met. Through regular communication and collaboration, a network of support is created for students. From the classroom, small group, to individual counseling lessons, students are supported to develop effective interpersonal and social-emotional skills. Our counselors support students and their families as they enter and exit the school to address the challenges typical of transition, as well as organizing transitional programs as students progress from elementary to middle school. Finally, our counselors are running extensive parent workshops to nurture a strong school-parent partnership promoting a positive and caring community.

Support Elements

  • Counseling curriculum targeted at emerging, data-supported community needs within the classroom.
  • Regular student wellbeing surveys
  • Individual and small group counseling specific sessions 
  • Class led programs that promote learning competencies and wellbeing to incorporate developmental elements of social-emotional learning within a trusting environment. 
  • Continued support of parents through open communication, workshops and book clubs.

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