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Inspire Programs

Taking learning to a new level, the Inspire Programs supports programs designed and led by our committed and dedicated faculty that are impactful and build a legacy of excellence at ISKL.

Established to foster a sense of communal contribution, the INSPIRE PROGRAMS empowers our community to support ISKL to enrich current and future students. Our goal is to craft a learning environment that inspires and nurtures our students year after year.

Throughout the years, successive generations of students have reaped the benefits of extraordinary learning experiences within and beyond the classroom. Through the generosity of donors like you, these projects materialize, turning dreams into reality for our students year after year. Every gift, regardless of size, contributes to realizing these impactful initiatives. Your support ensures that the Inspire Programs continue to flourish, making a lasting difference in the lives of our students.

Thanks to our amazing PTA, parents and Alumni donors, students have benefited from these exciting projects and events over the years, as seen below:

These projects complement ISKL’s rigorous and impactful curriculum, giving students every opportunity to shape their own paths, supporting them in discovering their passions, developing their competencies, and having an ethical impact on the world.

Upcoming Projects

Got a shot? Introducing ISKL's New Cutting-Edge Basketball Shooting Machine
ISKL's Basketball program will be enhanced by the integration of a new, state-of-the-art Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine. This innovative tool will help optimize our athletes' development by increasing the number of shots taken, extending learning opportunities, and refining practical skills. Students will benefit from this tool to increase their shot proficiency and reflect on shooting mechanics, elevating their overall learning experience while fine-tuning their abilities.
HS Chinese Debate Team
Our HS Chinese Native Program is advancing toward excellence with the introduction of a new Chinese Debate Team. This team will foster the art of debate and encourage our students to engage in local community activities and develop multicultural connections.
FastPitch Coaching Clinic
Imagine a group of FastPitch players who are skilled, confident, and self-assured - that's our vision for our very own team! We are bringing two expert coaches for a week-long training program to make this vision a reality. These coaches will focus on advanced pitching techniques and reinforcing fundamental aspects of the game. With this initiative, we aim to elevate the skills of our athletes and foster a more competitive, confident, and proficient team.
ISKL's Choir program will be invigorated with renewed energy by enlisting a professional choir conductor and educator focusing on refined music reading and vocal pedagogy practices. This project aims to create a community of passionate and inclusive individuals, empowering our students to discover their potential, chart their musical path, and nurture a deep sense of belonging. Every student can create beautiful music!
Youth Service & Sustainability Summit
ISKL is hosting a Youth Service & Sustainability Summit to inspire and encourage students to develop their service sustainability skills. Through micro-training and socio-cultural interactions, the summit will help students develop leadership skills, global awareness, and open-mindedness. The project aligns with ISKL's vision and mission and offers opportunities for cross-divisional collaboration to nurture ethical leaders and changemakers. The short-term goal is to create a lasting impact on our students' identity development for a better and more sustainable future.
The MS Arts Festival
The MS Arts Festival will be a special event that brings together students and talented local artists to collaborate, learn, and grow. By expanding our students' skills and supporting the community, this festival fosters meaningful connections and cultivates a sense of place and community. By exposing students to diverse Asian art forms and cultures, the festival inspires a passion for creativity and learning, making it an inclusive and uplifting experience for the entire ISKL community.
HS Composition Consortium with Kevin Day and Tim Mahr
Our HS Band has been selected to join a consortium of 39 groups that commissioned Kevin Day, a rising African American composer, to create a new work for Wind Band. Mr. Day has composed an overture titled "Capricho," which our HS band will premiere in April '25 as part of ISKL's 60th celebration.
This collaboration provides our students a unique opportunity to work directly with Kevin Day an award-winning composer and conductor Tim Mahr. By participating in this project, our students will interact with Day, learn his techniques, and gain hands-on experience in musical creation, enhancing their creativity and innovation.
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