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Thank you for making ISKL your school of choice; we look forward to receiving your application.
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Please refer to our Admissions Checklist below before beginning the application process. This will help you identify the documents you will need to upload in order to complete your application. Your application will be reviewed by our Admissions team once all of the documents have been uploaded. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have questions or need help.

Apply to ISKL in Three Steps

Step 1: Click on the Apply Now button

  • You will be directed to ISKL’s OpenApply application portal
  • Click on Submit Application
  • Pay the application fee (one fee per applicant)
  • Follow the prompts to start your application
  • Upload each document listed in the Checklist as one single PDF file

Step 2 - The Admissions committee will review your application once completed

Please note that an application will not be reviewed and will remain inactive until all of the items on the Checklist have been submitted. Once the items have been received and reviewed, parents will be informed about the next steps, which may include, but are not limited to, additional admissions/placement testing, observation, interview, and any other supporting reports or documents required to review the application.

Step 3 - Enrollment decision will be communicated

All applications are reviewed by the admissions committee. During the evaluation process, the committee takes into account the student’s academic and behavioral history, English proficiency, potential requirement for additional support services, and whether the school’s program and community would be a good fit for the child and their family

For each application, there are three potential outcomes:

  • Acceptance: If your child meets our qualifications and there is available space, you will receive a formal Offer letter. Parents must confirm the acceptance by email within ten working days. Completed health forms for enrollment need to be sent to the school at the latest two weeks before the starting date. Tuition fees must be settled before the first day of classes. Additionally, Middle and High school students will meet with their counselor before commencing classes.
  • Waitpool: Qualified applicants are placed in a wait pool if there are no openings at their grade level or within their required support services.
  • Unsuccessful Applications: Applicants may be denied admission for academic or behavioral reasons, insufficient English language proficiency for their grade level, or if our programs cannot meet their educational needs.

English as an Additional Language

English is the language of instruction at ISKL, and English proficiency is essential for academic and social success. No minimum English language proficiency is required for entry to Kindergarten A through Grade 2. However, there is a minimum English language proficiency level for entry to grades 3-12, and students must meet this requirement to gain admission.

Student Learning Support

ISKL has a student support services department that provides academic and/or speech/language support. We only accept students with mild to moderate learning differences into our regular academic program.

Each student needing support services will be considered for admission based on whether ISKL can meet his or her learning needs. ISKL requires complete documentation, including past evaluations, individual educational plans, Individual learning plans, and medical reports.

Document Checklist

Official copies of academic records/transcripts from each school attended during the past three years, translated to English and certified, as well as any standardized test scores such as MAP, ISA, NWEA etc. Applicants to Prep Reception, Prep Junior,  Prep Senior or Grade 1 must provide all existing preschool reports as well as a short video of your child.

For applicants who have previously received or been recommended for any support services – please upload  all previous reports eg psychological testing results, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), 504 plans, EAL or any other assessments (e.g. Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy). Please provide complete information about your child’s previous educational experience. Reports indicating learning needs and abilities are particularly important.

Student Health Form (including immunization record).

Part 1 is an online form and must be completed at the time of application.

Part 2 of the health form is required only once a position has been offered and before a student will be able to start school. The forms need to be printed out to be completed, signed and stamped by a doctor. A student will only be able to start school on-campus after we have received the completed health forms, our nurses have verified that all immunizations are up to date and TB screening is complete.

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport showing the passport number and date of birth. For Malaysian citizens please be so kind and also upload a copy of the Identification Card.
  • A copy of each parent’s passport. For Malaysian citizens please be so kind and also upload a copy of the Identification Card.
  • A recent passport (face only) color photograph, with a white background of the applicant and each parent.
  • A copy of a valid Malaysian Work Permit/Residence Permit or a letter from the parent’s employer certifying employment in Malaysia and their responsibility to obtain the family’s dependent visa.
  • ISKL policy states students must be in full-time residence with at least one parent or a legal guardian.
  • Students must have a valid visa associated with the parent’s relevant permit.

(Prep Reception, Prep Junior, Prep Senior, Grade 1 – Grade 5)

  • ES Confidential Reference Online Form (for all ES grade levels)
  • Background Information & Language Experience Online Questionnaire (for all ES grade levels)
  • Early Childhood Online Questionnaire (for Prep Reception, Prep Junior & Prep Senior ONLY)
  • A short video of your child (Prep Reception, Prep Junior, Prep Senior & Grade 1)

* Note: All lSKL students must be fully toilet trained.

(Grade 6 – Grade 12)

  • MS/HS Confidential Reference Online Form
  • Handwritten Student Questionnaire

You will be asked to provide an email address for your child’s teacher, counselor, or principal to complete the Confidential Reference online form.


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Communication Updates

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