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House of Taste, ISKL’s in-house food service provider, offers a delicious, highly nutritious and well-balanced menu to all students throughout the school campuses.  Each cafeteria offers both local and international cuisine to cater to a diverse community with all food being pork and nut-free.  Vegetarian and vegan options are available and allergens are clearly displayed on the menu. 

Accessibility to safe drinking water is supplied via filtered water fountains and coolers that are located throughout the school.  ISKL discourages single use plastic and requests all community members to support their sustainability efforts by bringing their own reusable water bottles.  

ISKL’s dedicated dietitian works across all divisions of ISKL to provide nutritional advice on healthy food balance and preparation practices as well as ensuring that wholesome and nutritious meals are readily available to the community.  

For more information, please visit our Food Services website here. Kindly not that this internal site is only accessible to ISKL community.

Elementary School Cafeteria

ES students from Prep-Senior to Grade 5 have two meal times during the day. Snack time in the morning offers a variety of tasty and healthy snacks. Lunch time offers unlimited western, local or vegetarian lunch options. Payment for snack and/or lunch is made via a cashless ID card system.  Students can also bring a home packed snack and/or lunch.  

Prep-Senior and Grade 1 students eat in the lower dining area located on the ground floor whilst Grade 2 to Grade 5 students eat in the upper dining areas, located on the second and third floors of the South Spine.

Early Childhood Dining Area

Elementary School Cafeteria

Middle and High School Cafeteria

Middle and High School students unite in a cafeteria located on the ground floor beneath the High School Wing 2.  Lunch includes a selection of international cuisine stations including western, asian, and local offerings. A variety of international breakfast options is available in the mornings, with snacks available during other break times. 

Payments for all Middle and High School students can be made via cash or cashless ID card system.

Middle School Cafeteria

Middle and High School Cafeteria

Pretz n’ Beanz Coffee Shop

Conveniently located on the ground floor lobby area, Pretz n’ Beanz serves a range of hot and cold beverages, snacks and a bakery selection.  It is a popular venue for parents and High School students to meet and is accessible only to adults and High School students for takeaway service.

Pretz N Beanz Coffee Shop

Packed Lunch

All students are welcome to bring home-packed lunches or snacks with microwaves available for heating purposes.

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