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In 2020-2021 ISKL celebrated 55 wonderful years of international education.
ISKL 55 Years
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We have grown from just 48 students on our original campus, the Istana, to a thriving community of more than 1,700 students on our amazing new campus in Ampang. It may sound middle-aged, but we like to think of this anniversary as ISKL 55 Years Young, and we want you to join in the celebration by helping us to compile our ’55 for 55′ by sharing a post and use on of the hashtag below:


Describe your most beautiful and magical moment at ISKL


Tell us what you love most about ISKL. Is it the campus, the Panther Spirit, a special person, or is it the turtle pond?!


In what ways do you believe that ISKL is changing the world? Is it our Trash Heroes group, our fundraisers, or refugee programs like the Key Club? Show us how and why – and be creative!


What are your hopes for the future? What would you like to see change for good in the world, and what can you as part of the ISKL Community do about it?

ISKL's 55th Anniversary - It's a Wrap

As we bring ISKL’s year-long 55th Anniversary Celebration to a close, we thank everyone who was a part, both past and present, that has made and continues making who and what ISKL is today. Please enjoy our ISKL 55th Anniversary Celebration Mosaic, a reminder of the people at the heart of our community and our Panther Pride as we look to the next 55 years of ISKL! Once a Panther, Always a Panther!

What's Now? Vanessa Weber's #ISKLChangingtheWorld - 55 for 55 Stories

The ‘55 for 55’ is open to all of our ISKL community members – Students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff. Get your creative juices flowing and send in your submissions soon so we can share your views, stories, and memories with our community!

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