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In 2020-2021 ISKL celebrated 55 wonderful years of international education.
ISKL 55 Years
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ISKL's 55th Anniversary - It's a Wrap

As we bring ISKL’s year-long 55th Anniversary Celebration to a close, we thank everyone who was a part, both past and present, that has made and continues making who and what ISKL is today. Please enjoy our ISKL 55th Anniversary Celebration Mosaic, a reminder of the people at the heart of our community and our Panther Pride as we look to the next 55 years of ISKL! Once a Panther, Always a Panther!

What's Now? Vanessa Weber's #ISKLChangingtheWorld - 55 for 55 Stories

The ‘55 for 55’ is open to all of our ISKL community members – Students, Parents, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff. Get your creative juices flowing and send in your submissions soon so we can share your views, stories, and memories with our community!