Cashless Payment System

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Cashless Payment System

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

PantherPay is ISKL’s cashless payment system. You can add money to your accounts and use your ISKL ID card to simply tap to pay anywhere on the ISKL campus.

You can use the PantherPay Online Portal to:

  • Pay for trips, events, and other miscellaneous payments
  • Download receipts
  • View transaction reports
  • Top-up online using a credit card
  • Move money between your family’s accounts

PantherPay Cash Top-up Kiosks

The cash top-up kiosks are located in three places on the ISKL campus:

  • Elementary School Entrance
  • Outside the Panther Hut
  • Behind the Coffee Shop

Please click here to visit our PantherPay website for more information.