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At the heart of ISKL are our excellent people – both academic and professional staff, dedicated to the learning and growth of our students and school. Whether a member of faculty or staff, our team here at ISKL is united in their passion to further student learning and provide the best possible learning environment.
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We are looking for student-centered, forward-thinking educators and leaders from across the world who are committed to our guiding statements, supporting us in our aspirations to transform conditions for self, others, and the world. We are looking for educators who are caring, compassionate, creative, innovative learners with a deep commitment to the lives and learning of our learners, and to inquiry and collaboration, inclusion and belonging, equity, and justice.

ISKL is continuously reflecting, learning, and taking actions on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) within our community. We believe that our diverse students deserve to see themselves reflected in the adults leading their learning. Students will grow, thrive, and succeed when they are part of a supportive community that values and champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that our community will be enriched by the plurality of perspectives, backgrounds, experiences. As such, we invite applications from a wide range of identities, backgrounds and relevant professional experiences and certifications to apply to join our ISKL community.

ISKL commits to recruit and retain educators and leaders that draw on the widest possible pool of exceptional talent, characterized by nondiscrimination and recognition of excellence in all its forms.

Our Commitment to Child Protection

ISKL takes the protection of our students seriously and expects the same of our faculty and staff. Our Child Protection Policy and Procedures describes the practices we implement to create a sustainably safe environment for our students and to ensure that everyone is aware of what we are doing to keep children safe… all day, every day.

Visit the Openings page to see the latest opportunities to join our school. 

Please contact our Human Resources team at [email protected] if you require any further information. 

Note: All ISKL openings for Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Internships are only advertised on this Openings page of ISKL’s website (, Search Associates, Schrole, ISKL’s LinkedIn, and selected Malaysian registered recruitment companies where terms of business have been agreed upon. In cases of doubt, please contact [email protected]


Meet our Community

Panthers of ISKL is our platform for telling the real-life stories of the ISKL community. It’s where our students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff share their passions and inspirations and explain what our school’s vision means to them. Their stories reflect the richness and diversity of what makes ISKL inspirational, inclusive, and empowering.

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