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Elementary School Student Experience

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A Day in the Life of ISKL Elementary School Students

School Day

Elementary school hours are from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm.

Identity Card

ISKL students are issued an ID card. ID cards are required for campus access, cashless pay system, and checking out books from the library. All elementary student ID cards are kept with the teachers.

Parent Communication

A great partnership between home and school is essential for students’ success at ISKL. In order to promote effective two-way communication, the Elementary School employs various methods of communication using technology. Seesaw and Story Park are online learning platforms that regularly communicate student learning to parents. In addition, parent and student-led conferences scheduled throughout the year provide multiple opportunities for students to share their learning with their parents.

Parents are welcome to schedule a conversation with teachers, counselors, and the school on matters that pertain to their children’s learning and well-being. In true partnership, the counseling team, library, and media center, teaching and learning, parent association, and administration provide a range of parent education and information sessions on a variety of topics that will further enrich the educational experience of children at ISKL. Parents are actively involved in various learning engagements both in and out of the classroom as volunteers, guest readers, and resource speakers.

Red Hats

Every Grade 5 student has the opportunity to serve on the Red Hat Leadership Team, to become a social change maker by choosing a cause to contribute to, and advocate for, throughout the school year.

The Red Hats make the morning announcements, assist at school assemblies, and coordinate many community service projects, such as supporting local orphanages through dress-up days and using these funds to support KIVA, a non-profit that provides micro loans to budding entrepreneurs seeking funds. Students learn responsible global citizenship, collaboration and group decision making. Red Hats are role models for other students as they follow the Melawati Way.

Field Trips and Camp

Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas provide wonderful opportunities for our students to enrich their learning beyond traditional school boundaries. Whether exploring the rainforest or the national zoo, our students participate in field trips that are closely linked to classroom units of study. Those field trips and camps are opportunities to make connections, explore curiosities and spark interests.

It also allows our Elementary students to conduct research and expand understanding of concepts beyond the classroom walls, as well as experiencing a holistic, sensorial and integrated learning environment with all its natural complexities.

In Grade 4 students enjoy overnight camp at school and in Grade 5 our students go on a two-day trip to Malacca.

Those activities allow students to have fun and engage in interactions with peers in unstructured explorations in new settings so they can, among other things, develop their independence.

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Communication Updates

Latest update: October 26

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