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ISKL is known as a center of excellence in the world of international education.

As a forward-thinking and future-ready school, we are committed to sharing learning and stimulating discussion about important topics in education – both for ISKL and the wider community.

We welcome the world to join us, as our Special Events are our way to share information and spark conversations, on topics that touch on every part of our human lives, no matter where you are.

Past Events

ISKL Future Ready Education SLR

At ISKL, education is not done to our students but with them. Our mission is to develop confident global citizens who are self-directed, future-ready, and prepared for the complexities of our evolving world. In other words, we believe in preparing our students for life.

If you are interested in all of that and more, tune in to our future-ready series, and join us for an ever-evolving future!

Future-Ready Pathways in High School

November 25, 2020

We were delighted to host a Zoom event to discuss the importance of flexible and individualized pathways in High School, global trends in university admission and why it’s so important for students to develop 21st Century learning skills today.

You can watch the recording of the event below:

At ISKL, education is not done to our students but with them. Our mission is to develop confident global citizens who are self-directed, future-ready and prepared for the complexities of our evolving world.  In other words, we believe in preparing our students for life.

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You can watch the recording of the event below:

Future-Ready Learning for Middle Schoolers

January 27, 2021

Empowering Lifelong Learners, the Middle-School Experience

Ensuring students are “future-ready” is a critical component of ISKL’s mission to nurture successful global citizens.  ISKL’s Middle School (MS) Experience goes beyond the expected parameters of an international school by basing learning on student ownership, where education is not done ‘to’ students, but ‘with’ them. There are multiple elements integrated to our Middle School program, such as Agency, Malaysia Week, WIN (What I Need) Time, Sports & Activities that empower students to develop their voice, exercise choice and practice “future-ready” life skills such as initiative, calculated risk taking, and belief in oneself in a supportive environment.

You can watch the recording of the event below:

MS Empowering Lifelong Learners

Future-Ready Learning starts in Elementary School

March 31 , 2021

Where It All Starts, The Foundation of Future-Readiness

What does it mean to be Future-Ready when you are 5 years old? How can you assess if the education your child is receiving is preparing him or her for whatever the future will be? Isn’t Future-Ready buzz all about tech skills for the job of tomorrow. At ISKL, it is all about how we holistically nurture our students to understand their learnng and feeling from a young age, in other words how we nurture social emotional awareness.

At the ISKL’s Elementary School, we provide a warm and caring atmosphere where we help each child to grow and develop into responsible, ethical, caring, future-ready global citizens. Our standards-based curriculum enables students to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively, collaborate constructively, live ethically and learn enthusiastically. The whole ES team is very intentional about how we teach our students to understand knowledge, not just absorb it and to offer relevant and varied learning opportunities to our youngest learners so they can start their educational journey, their life journey, with solid and value-driven foundations.


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The Art of Conferring for iskl parents
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Welcome to ISKL VOX, a platform that inspires, ignites and informs others of current issues and trends. 

ISKL is committed to a safe and courageous school culture through reflecting and learning about the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our commitment is to create an inclusive ISKL where all belong. As part of our work around those important topics, we are launching a series of talks from our community and guests speakers to provide fresh perspectives, insights and respectful conversations on our journey towards DEIJ.

VOX ISKL: [email protected]

VOX ISKL: Growing a School Community for Identity, Agency and Healing

VOX ISKL: Why Identity-Centered Learning Makes a Difference to Your Child

VOX ISKL: The Art of Courageous Conversations

VOX ISKL with Dr Simran Singh

Living by Our Values: A Compass for Success and Wholeness

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Conversations is ISKL Alumni’s careers series, where our Alumni share their pathways and career knowledge with the ISKL community. 

Each episode will look at a different professional grouping, exploring the many and varied opportunities for current ISKL students and our Alumni already in the field.

Alumni Black Box Conversations: Law

Check out ISKL’s third Alumni Black Box Conversations with our Alum and Director of Talent Development and Culture Ika Muzamal as the host, where our speakers Prof. William Birdthistle (’91), Sabrinne Gibson (’11), Hannah Costley (‘12), Jonathan David Ross Silva (’14), and Maggie Casey (‘14), talk about their academic journey and career experiences in the legal field.

Alumni Black Box Conversations: Medical Sciences

The first episode of Future Ready: Alumni Black Box Conversations delves into Medical Sciences and is hosted by ISKL Alumni Hezril Asyraaf (‘13) who is Producer/Presenter of the Evening Edition on Malaysia’s business radio station, BFM 89.9.

Alumni Black Box Conversations: Arts

Episode #2 of our Future Ready: Alumni Black Box Conversations brought together some amazingly talented and successful ISKL alumni in The Arts for a special live streamed event.

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At ISKL, we love having special guests in our classrooms who can share their perspectives and experiences, giving our students an opportunity to meet and connect with members of the community. These renowned and eminent guest lecturers and speakers share their viewpoints, enhancing the exposure that all ISKL students receive. 

Marc Vergara's (UNICEF Malaysia) visit to ISKL

Mr. Marc Vergara, Chief of Communications at UNICEF Malaysia, visited ISKL’s HS French Language Arts class to recount his experience as a radio producer for the UN Radio Service in Rwanda.

Phillip Wong for Celebrates 2020

The celebrated contemporary Malaysian artist Philip Wong will be creating a live painting session at the ISKL ‘Celebrates 2020 Gala and Auction’ on March 7 at the Four Seasons KL!