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Elementary School EAL Program

ISKL’s philosophy is that language is best learned in an inclusive classroom setting. EAL students participate in classes in order to be in a language-rich environment and are supported individually and in small groups as needed. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is committed to preparing multilingual learners to thrive in the regular classroom setting. The Elementary School (ES) English as an Additional Language (EAL) program:

  • Supports language learning through a well-designed curriculum and discovery-based curriculum that is fun and engaging for young, active minds
  • Believes language development happens through engaged learning and social interactions
  • Well-resourced with one EAL teacher working with each grade-level teaching team
  • EAL teachers work collaboratively with grade-level teachers to embed language instruction into the mainstream curriculum
  • Each child receives the level of support needed depending on their assessed English proficiency levels
  • Additional supports are delivered through small group targeted instruction as needed
  • Promotes understanding and respect for cultural and individual differences
  • Provides support and guidance for families so language development is done in partnership between the home and school

For more information, you can view the Elementary School EAL Program Handbook here. The handbook is available on our website in English, Chinese, Japanese and Mandarin.