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Students represent ISKL by wearing an identifiable school uniform whilst observing a strict dress code.  Each school division is delineated by color with the design accommodating comfort in the Malaysian climate.


Conveniently located on-campus, the Panther Hut is a store that stocks ISKL uniforms, merchandise, books, school supplies and essentials. During term time, opening hours are: 
Monday to Friday – 7.30 am to 4.00 pm




Available from the Panther Hut, ISKL regulation uniform shirts are either white or blue in color and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • of an appropriate length to ensure no midriff is exposed
  • may be unbuttoned to the second button from the top
  • may be accompanied with an undershirt that matches the color of the school uniform shirts with no insignia

Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

Available from the Panther Hut, with the option for Middle and High School students to purchase from the external market place, ISKL uniform pants, shorts and skirts should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • shorts and skirts must reach the fingertips when a student’s arms are relaxed
  • must be navy blue
  • must be plain with no branded logo/emblem
  • denim is not permitted


Safe and school appropriate footwear is compulsory and may include sneakers, backless shoes and those with a heel of less than 1.5 inches. Flip flops are not permitted.

PE Uniform

Available only at the Panther Hut, ISKL PE Uniform consists of shorts and a t-shirt designed to be comfortable for all sports.

Travel Uniform

Students representing ISKL in High School IASAS events are required to wear the designated travel uniform consisting of navy blue polo t-shirt (to be purchased at the Panther Hut), khaki trousers and dress shoes.

Cover-Ups (or hoodies)

Whilst cover-ups (or commonly called hoodies) are not classified as regulation uniform, they may be worn over the ISKL uniform t-shirt.  “Approved” cover-ups are available for purchase from the Panther Hut. 

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