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The International School of Kuala Lumpur

ISKL observes a strict dress code with a school uniform that clearly delineates each division by color. Our uniform has been designed to be appropriate for the Malaysian climate and to ensure the comfort of students.

ISKL uniforms are available for purchase at the Panther Hut, our school store which is conveniently located on campus. The Panther Hut also sells books, ISKL merchandise, and other accessories including Panther essentials! When school is in session, the Panther Hut is open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. 

Only navy blue or white shirts and navy blue bottoms are allowed. Middle and High School students may purchase their own navy blue pants or shorts and do not have to buy them at the Panther Hut.



ISKL uniform shirts are sold only at the Panther Hut and are white or blue in color. An ISKL uniform shirt:

  • Must be of an appropriate length to ensure no midriff is exposed.
  • May be unbuttoned to the second button from the top.
  • May be accompanied with an undershirt that matches the color of the school uniform shirts and has no insignia

Pants, Shorts, and Skirts

ISKL uniform pants, shorts, and skirts can be purchased from the Panther Hut, or they may be purchased from outside ISKL. An ISKL uniform pant, short, skirt:

  • Must reach at minimum the fingertips when the student’s arms are
    hanging freely
  • Must be navy blue
  • Must be plain with no logo (e.g. Nike swoosh, team emblem, etc.)
  • Denim is not permitted


Safe and appropriate footwear may include backless shoes and shoes with a heel of less than 1.5 inches. Flip flops are not permitted.

PE Uniform

ISKL PE uniform can be purchased only at the ISKL Panther Hut and consists of shorts and a t-shirt.

Travel Uniform

All students selected to represent ISKL in IASAS events in High School are required to wear the designated ISKL travel uniform (navy blue polo shirt, khaki trousers, and dress shoes). Travel shirts can be purchased at the Panther Hut.


Cover-ups are NOT part of the ISKL uniform. However, they may be worn over the school uniform shirt. The only acceptable cover-ups are the “uniform approved” cover-ups sold in the Panther Hut.