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Creates a platform for students to experience different subject options to develop agency, skills, study habits, and knowledge for High School. There are multiple elements integrated into ISKL’s MS program, such as Agency, Malaysia Week, WIN (What I Need) Time, sports, and activities that empower students to develop their voice, exercise choice, and practice “future-ready” life skills such as initiative, calculated risk-taking, and belief in oneself in a supportive environment.

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Dear Parents,

ISKL Middle School PrincipalThe academic, social, and emotional learning goals in ISKL’s Middle School program represent an international curriculum based on global research and best practice. Our program embraces a holistic approach to developing each student and, while we continue to enhance instructional delivery, curriculum, and assessment practices on an ongoing basis, the essence of Middle School culture at ISKL remains the same. We believe that students reach their full potential when they are supported by an environment of empathy and care, and where each student has the opportunity to explore their own unique talents and gifts. We help our Middle School students find their passions and interests by offering a learner-driven program with authentic, real-world challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

Middle School at ISKL is a unique place where your children will grow, learn, and reach their potential through learning experiences that are specifically designed to help develop the skills and competencies to not only succeed in school but also transform our world for the betterment of themselves, their communities, and the environment we all share.

Yours in partnership,

Peter Casey
Middle School Principal

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P: +603 4813 5002
E: [email protected]

Peter is the Middle School Principal and has been with ISKL since 2016. With over 30 years of experience as an international educator, Peter has worked in six different countries and has taught every grade from Pre-K to grade 12. Along with his vast classroom experience and diverse teaching background, Peter has also been an assistant principal and athletic director. Peter has created an environment in the Middle School that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and dispositions to succeed in school and the opportunity to explore areas of personal interest. Peter’s work at ISKL has led to a curriculum and instruction that is engaging, personal, and meaningful for our students. Peter has hosted workshops and professional development at ISKL and around the region to develop “Student Agency” and leadership. He genuinely believes that creating a positive school culture of care and inclusivity for students, parents, and faculty will lead to a harmonious and productive learning community.

Peter holds an MA in Educational Studies Program and a BA in Physical and Health Education.

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