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Praxis Program

The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Praxis Philosophy

PRAXIS 2030 is a transdisciplinary learning program which reimagines the school experience at ISKL. Learning is anchored in complex, real-world challenges, empowering students to thrive in a dynamic present and future. Praxis 2030 reimagines the school experience as it:

  • Offers real-world challenges 
  • Empowers students 
  • Fosters creative exploration and
    effective collaboration 
  • Promotes problem-solving

Featuring a smaller learning community and flexible timetable, PRAXIS 2030 focuses on problem-based learning and situates the current science, English, social studies, and art/design curriculum around a series of complex, compelling problems that demand an interdisciplinary approach. Mathematics, world language, and elective courses continue to be taught in the regular classroom setting.

This rigorous program has different classroom activities from the traditional stand-alone subject areas, however, the learning targets and curriculum remain consistent with ISKL’s alternative Grade 9 and 10 classes.

PRAXIS Student Experiences

Course Syllabus

Traditional Schedule:

Schedule with Praxis integrated:

Following the Blueprints, students have to investigate the essential questions revolving the Big Idea.


Adapting to a Dynamic World

Big Idea
How can Street art effectively motivate social change around climate

Essential Questions

Science: What effect might human activity have on the carbon cycle homeostasis?

Art: How can different art mediums be used to express an idea? How has art been used to incite change?

Social Studies: What are the ethical implications when addressing climate change? In what ways will climate change impact geo-politics?

English: How can persuasive writing relate to visual art? How does climate change affect individuals?

ISKL Divider
Amber Kotcher – Head of Department
Praxis2030 is the program that I've loved teaching the most. It's relevant. It's meaningful. Students don’t just learn about changes and what they can do, they actually get to put it into practice and make changes for themselves. It’s excellent when you're a teacher and you see them making those connections, not with just each other and with what they're learning in themselves, but all these four different courses and what's going on in the world. There's so much interconnectedness that you just know there's something more they're getting out of this program than maybe in a traditional classroom setting.

Entry Requirements

For students who are:

  • Looking for a challenge
  • Like to work in teams to problem solve
  • Want a new type of school experience
  • Enjoy project-based learning
  • Like grappling with big world challenges and be part of creative solutions
  • Prospective ISKL grade 9 students

PRAXIS 2030 ensures that students are:

Interested to find out more?

If you need more information, please contact

ISKL’s Virtual Open Day
September 30, 2021

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