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Praxis Program

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PRAXIS Philosophy

Aimed at Grade 9 students, PRAXIS fosters an interdisciplinary approach to learning, reimagining the school experience at ISKL.  The basis of this program is anchored in complex and real-world challenges with students stepping into a future-ready learning environment.  They should expect to be empowered in their creative exploration and effective collaboration by utilizing problem-solving skills.  

Featuring a smaller learning community and flexible timetable, PRAXIS  focuses on problem-based learning and situates the current science, English, social studies, and art/design curriculum around a series of complex, compelling problems that demand an interdisciplinary approach. Mathematics, world language, physical education, and elective courses continue to be taught in the regular classroom setting.

This is what Amy Kotcher, Head of Department, has to say about PRAXIS

Amber Kotcher ISKL Praxis Head of Department
Amber Kotcher – Head of Department
PRAXIS is a relevant way of learning and an enjoyable teaching method. It encourages students to not only learn about change but how to adapt to change. In the current world climate, this is integral to a student’s learning ability and connection with education. PRAXIS unites the four-course entities that a traditional classroom environment is incapable of achieving
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Entry Requirements

PRAXIS entry requirements are based on students who are:

  • looking for a challenge
  • have an aptitude for team-work and problem solving
  • open to new educational experiences
  • enjoy project-based learning
  • sympathetic to world challenges and creative solutions

Learn more about PRAXIS


Our PRAXIS Program Coordinator Amber Kotcher and HS Assistant Principal Jeff Harwood sat down with Kyle Wagner to discuss ways to make learning experiences more relevant, interdisciplinary, and problem-based.

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Course Syllabus

PRAXIS ensures that students are:

Traditional and PRAXIS integrated table

Traditional Schedule:

ISKL Traditional Schedule

Schedule with Praxis integrated:

Praxis Schedule

Students enrolled in the PRAXIS program are expected to investigate the essential questions revolving around the Big Idea. This may include:

BLUEPRINT (or topical investigation):

Adapting to the dynamic world


How can street-art effectively motivate social change around climate?


What effect might human activity have on the carbon cycle homeostasis?

How can different art mediums be used to express an idea?  How has art been used to incite change?

What are the ethical implications when addressing climate change?  In what ways will climate change impact geo-politics?

How can persuasive writing relate to visual art?  How does climate change affect individuals?

This rigorous program has different classroom activities from the traditional stand-alone subject areas, however, the learning targets and curriculum remain consistent with ISKL’s alternative Grade 9 classes.