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Health and safety is our highest priority and our goal is to provide a safe learning and working environment for our students, faculty and staff, and those who visit our school.
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ISKL takes the protection of our children seriously. In keeping with our mission, vision, and core values, we have had in place Board Policies and Administrative Regulations that provide us with clear guidelines and procedures regarding child protection and safety. Our Child Protection Policy and Procedures ensures that everyone is aware of what we are doing to keep children safe… all day, every day.

Please view the following slideshow to see the protocols we have implemented to safeguard our students, community members, and visitors to our school.

Our school environment, culture, and rigorous approach to implementing our accredited health and safety standards are all integral components in supporting and safeguarding our students and community.

From on-campus security protocols through to our student health management system, a curriculum which teaches wellness skills, and responsive systems which monitor stress and workloads, there are a comprehensive suite of programs, policies, protocols and procedures in place to ensure best practice in this important area. Developed in conjunction with Malaysian and international guidelines and regulations, our health and safety standards are supported by a school-wide network of experts who include school counselors, educational psychologists, medical professionals, learning support educators, and security and risk management specialists.

Student behavior and discipline is guided by the Elementary School’s Melawati Way, Middle School’s Core Values, and High School’s Honor Code. Each of these covers our expectations and approach to educating students about how to positively behave and interact in our community.

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