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The Boyle Family

ISKL Family

I am confident that I can say our children have been given the absolute best start to their education and we will miss ISKL immensely. The Melawati Way has become part of the way that our family thinks about ourselves, each other and our environment both on and off the campus. This is a testimony to a school that walks the walk and doesn't just talk the talk.

Karthini Mahendranathan

Alumnae '07

The IB helped mold me into a well-rounded person with an affinity for sport, the arts, and charity. The IB also appeals to top universities around the world and assisted me in securing places in King's College London and LSE. Public universities in Malaysia also accept the IB, which is a huge plus point.

Elena Azizan

Alumnae '05

Overall, I must say that the ISKL IB education helped to prepare me to study at an international university as exposure to students of different backgrounds compelled me to integrate with others and to appreciate diverse cultures from around the world.

Tiana Nelson


My husband and I are also impressed with the programs of study, activities, and extracurricular opportunities provided for our two daughters in the elementary school.

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