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At ISKL, we use technology as a tool to create authentic learning experiences and innovate teaching and learning. Our faculty integrate educational technologies into the curriculum whenever appropriate and constructive for their students’ educational needs.
ISKL Technology
The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Our students have access to school-wide wireless internet and multimedia studios. ISKL has a 1:1 device policy and provides Elementary and Middle School students with school-owned iPads and MacBooks while High School students bring their own device. Other technology resources such as digital cameras and drones are also available to enhance student learning.

Every core classroom is fitted with an interactive projector that transforms the classroom presentation wall into a huge drawing board, allowing students and teachers to handwrite comments and diagrams directly onto the projection, navigate resources and then save for printing or editing. This is the first major installation of this kind of technology in Malaysia by Epson and takes student engagement to a whole new level.
Core classrooms also feature IdeaPaint on presentation walls which span the width of the class. IdeaPaint turns the wall into a giant, fully writable space, giving the teacher and students all the room they need to create, connect and explore big ideas. Other classroom technology includes high-quality sound delivered through Bluetooth speakers and remote access control. Faculty and students are also able to screencast content using Apple TV and Google Chromecast. 

In addition, we support online learning and home-school communication through a variety of platforms including: ISKL’s G Suite, PowerSchool, and Google Classroom – platforms that are used for the purposes of learning, communication, and access to real-time information.