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IBDP HS art exhibition

IB Art Exhibition

The exhibition is a culmination of two years of prolonged focus to produce very creative artwork including drawings, paintings, prints, and sculptures.

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Elementary students participate in a book fair

A Celebration of Learning

Amidst concerts, gift exchanges, and the growing buzz of the holidays, Melawati students always find ways to celebrate their learning. On Wednesday, December 7, Grade 2 students picked out a series of work samples highlighting their growth over the semester to share with their parents. During this annual Grade 2 Celebration of Learning, parents and other community members joined the Melawati Campus where students presented their work across various forms including: paper, ipad recordings, lab reports, book creator tech projects, and more.

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ES Hari Raya 2015 Blog Thumbnail

ES Hari Raya Celebration

The Elementary School was vibrant with students, faculty, parents and staff in their colorful traditional outfits to celebrate Hari Raya.

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Current Student

ISKL Elementary Art Exhibition 2014-15

The exhibition offers an insight through a window into what Elementary School students have been working on this past year and it shows their creativity and effort in this field of study.

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