Middle School Students Unlock Their Potential at ISKL

The Middle School co-curricular program ensures that students can truly explore their passions and interests and develop agency and a lifelong love of learning!
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“Be your complete self, don’t hide your flaws”… “Everything about you shouldn’t be suppressed or hidden”… “Show your strength, the things you are good at, and your skills!”

These are some of the words from our Panthers when asked about what ISKL’s call to action, “be all you are,” means to them. Here at ISKL, we understand that Middle School is a crucial time in a student’s psychological and academic development, which is why be all you are is the embodiment of our mission that we live and breathe every day.

In this pivotal period of entering adolescence, Middle Schoolers embark on a journey of self-discovery and lay the groundwork for future readiness as they transition into High School. Hence, the Middle School co-curricular program ensures that students can truly explore their passions and interests and develop agency and a lifelong love of learning. Read more as we showcase how students can be all they can be and explore a world of opportunities at ISKL.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Every year, our Middle School students look forward to joining our outdoor interdisciplinary education camp program, Malaysia Week, which is experiential learning at its best. First introduced in 1979, the camp has since benefited over 10,000 students with the program’s week-long outdoor interdisciplinary learning program, which takes place in the lush rainforests and tropical reefs of Malaysia.

MS malaysia week program

There truly is nothing like the Malaysia Week experience for our Middle Schoolers. Students break out from their regular everyday routines as they learn to work together as a community and deal positively with new situations, recognizing self-perceived limitations and challenging themselves to go beyond their comfort zones.

Friendship and Togetherness

Recognizing that the skills that students develop throughout their years at school are essential, students are given a multitude of opportunities to improve and showcase their skills by participating in athletics and activities. Panther spirit is alive as students come together to cheer on their classmates during the final leg of a race, when the player is about to score a goal, or a swimmer about to break the water’s surface and emerge a winner. There is perhaps nothing more encouraging for the athletes than seeing a sea of classmates rooting for them at the track and trail, court and studio, and pitch and pool.


MS students activities

Beyond athletics, students can participate in a plethora of academic and community-centered activities. Our students participated in a number of different ways, such as attending the Model United Nations (MUN) conference, immersing themselves in nature-related activities by being in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, participating in robotics competitions, showcasing the love of literature in Novel Knock Out, to name a few.

Pursuit of Creativity

Creativity is central to Middle School life. We offer a wide range of opportunities that open the doors to passion, imagination, discovery and problem-solving that come from a natural love of curiosity. These are critical components in enabling all our students to experiment and take risks in a nurturing environment while encouraging them to explore and discover new interests.

MS Students classroom activities

The spark of creativity can be seen and heard through the wonderful harmonies echoing in a Jazz Band practice, the discussion on the types of b-rolls in Film Makers, the sound of music that accompanies the rhythmic hip swings in MS Dance Company, the knots that turn into beautiful patterns in Beginners Macrame, and many more. These are when students develop and grow in the moment, discover their talents, and witness something magical.

Service and Sustainability 

When you’re a Panther, The Melawati Way does not stop in Elementary School. There are various opportunities for Middle School students to take care of this place and take care of others through the plethora of co-curricular activities in which they get to form partnerships and consider the impact we have on our environment, such as;

  • Promoting sustainability efforts by practicing the farm-to-table approach where students make their own pesto from the herbs grown on the MS Rooftop Garden
  • Middle and High School students working together to improve the Rooftop Garden, with fresh produce sold throughout the year
  • The Service and Sustainability Council advocating for greener approaches to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Being part of the Pop with a Purpose live stream concert where students sing pop songs to raise money for causes important to them
  • Kindness Culture message database where students send anonymous, individual messages of appreciation to other students, teachers, and community members.

MS Service Learning

The potential of every student is unique, and as students enter their adolescent years, they need opportunities to explore new interests, develop their artistic, athletic skills, and grow as human beings. The co-curricular program at ISKL help supports our Panthers by providing opportunities to develop their potential and shape their path as global citizens, lead fulfilling lives, and create a better world.

A world is waiting for your child at ISKL. Learn more about our co-curricular program here.

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