March Book Reviews by Middle School Students

Fresh from the shelves of our library, our Middle School students share their top picks as we wrap up the month of March!
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One of the greatest rewards as a bibliophile is finding the next great read that will transport you to a different world within its pages—a world crafted solely by the power of your imagination.

We are #ISKLproud of our community of readers for sharing their love of books with others. Be prepared to dive into a world filled with semi-autobiographic stories, werewolves, Greek Gods, and more with this month’s book reviews by our Middle School students!

ISKL March Book Review No. 1 by Aylin H., Grade 8 student

Title: Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982
Author: Cho Nam-Joo
Genre: Classics


“I liked this book because it wasn’t just a story about a woman’s life. It talks about real-world problems in the world like sexism.”


ISKL March Book Review No. 2 by Estefano L., Grade 8 student

Title: Born a Crime
Author: Trevor Noah
Genre: Autobiography


“It talks a lot about his past and how he lived through it. I also really like this book because it talks about how he overcame all the challenges as an illegal child.”


ISKL March Book Review No. 3 by Tillie B., Grade 8 student

Title: Mythos
Author: Stephen Fry
Genre: Non-Fiction


“This book tells the stories of Greek Mythology without dull analogies, leaving it to the reader to find meaning in them. It covers everything from the birth and immortal lives of the Olympians many of us know (Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Etc,..) to the endless (honestly hilarious) interference, ultimate danger, and ruin they pose to mortal humans.”


ISKL March Book Review No. 4 by Zhee L., Grade 8 student

Title: The Wolves of Mercy Falls series
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Genre: Paranormal


“I enjoy reading books about werewolves and other paranormal creatures like that. I also liked how it had a huge plot twist right at the end of the second book which made me want to read the third book even more.”

Thank you to Aylin H., Estefano L., Tillie B., and Zhee L. for sharing their passion for literature with the community. Missed the February book review? We’ve got you covered! Read them here.


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