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At ISKL, the opportunities to learn outside the classroom are invaluable in supporting our students to be all they are – whether digging deep and achieving a personal best on the climbing wall, playing a fun game of four square with friends, or making new connections at a sporting tournament. These experiences are so important in helping our students discover new passions and interests and develop lifelong skills. They also create memories that last forever.
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The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Opportunities include sports, performance, art, music, Model United Nations (MUN), debate, and clubs covering every topic from animal rescue to robotics. We also offer cultural enrichment experiences and travel throughout the region for service learning, sporting tournaments, and cultural conventions. Grade level performances, parent workshare events, and cultural celebration days provide students with opportunities to showcase their learning and to experience live performances.


From Early Childhood through High School, our mission is to provide each student with the time, environment, and opportunities to be enquirers, to follow their passion, and to develop their cognitive abilities as well as their artistic capabilities. We see the Arts as central to student development and offer a rich range of opportunities that are both embedded within our curriculum and offered after school. These are critical components in enabling all our students to experiment and take risks in a nurturing environment while encouraging them to explore and discover new interests. 

At ISKL, the Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Theatre departments work together to promote a creative artistic community by offering a comprehensive selection of performances, showcases, and events that all students are encouraged to participate in. Our Performing Arts Centre includes the 600+ seat Robert B. Gaw Theatre, the Dr. Norma J. Hudson Amphitheatre, and a 345-retractable seat, black-box style Melawati Theatre. There are also dance, visual, and digital arts studios providing students with the necessary spaces to explore their artistic capabilities. 

From talent shows to musicals, youth orchestras to jazz nights, there are myriad opportunities for our students to hone their talents and creatively express themselves. The Art Studio: Smudgd, is a creative space for members to develop various artistic skills and create art portfolios (for those interested in applying to art school) as well as produce a meaningful impact on the community through their art. The Tri-M Music Honor Society partners with local and international musicians, artists, and leaders to help students unleash their full musical potential. ISKL also recently hosted the International Schools Theater Association (ISTA) TaPS Festival, with students, teachers, and guest artists from around the region in attendance. 

The vibrant Arts scene at ISKL spans a range of events. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified about our latest videos.

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Clubs and Activities

Club Activities

ISKL offers a wide variety of clubs and activities that students can take part in. Our students have engaging, inclusive, and challenging opportunities to develop leadership skills, pursue their interests, and connect with peers.

There are numerous student-led clubs available, spanning a wide range of categories such as sustainability, advocacy, humanities, wellness, STEM, and more. Beyond the academic aspect of school, clubs and activities are a great way for students to enrich their school experience, discover new passions, and create lifelong memories. Clubs are also a fun way to make new friends across grades and divisions.

Some examples of clubs offered include the Model United Nations (MUN) club that participates in an annual regional conference, the Robotics club which led to ISKL hosting first-ever Malaysian National Vex IQ Robotics Championship in 2020, and the Debate and Forensics Club, which leads the annual SEA Forensics tournament, ISKL’s longest-running competitive activity since 1965.

ISKL also offers several Service Learning Clubs that participate in community partnerships, such as the Malaysian Karen Organization, Within Malaysia, Special Children Society of Ampang (SCSOA), and the Chin Community Partnership. This is in line with the school’s service-learning approach, where students are encouraged to make positive changes in the community through hands-on effort. Students learn that through their actions and practical steps, no matter how small, they can impact the community in a positive way.

Athletics and Sports


From Prep Reception onwards, participation in physical education is an integral component of school life at ISKL. Beyond the academic curriculum, our students learn collaboration, camaraderie, and commitment through athletics and sports. These attributes are developed and practiced by students of every age, every week on the track and trail, court and course, pitch and pool, before and after school, and over the weekend. 

Our school mascot, Panther, is everyone’s furry friend and ISKL’s chief cheerleader who comes to all our amazing events to cheer on our students, faculty, and staff, who are also known as Panthers. Our sporting teams are also called the ISKL Panthers and our swim team is known as the Aqua Panthers. 

Students at ISKL enjoy full use of our state-of-the-art sporting facilities, with a Sports Complex that includes an Olympic-sized 400m pool, eight-lane track, basketball, volleyball, tennis & badminton courts, a full-sized rugby and soccer pitch, softball and football fields, an indoor fitness center, two gymnasiums, and a climbing wall. Our Aquatics Centre features an Olympic-sized 50m competition pool, a 25m daily activity pool, and a learn-to-swim pool. 

Our students compete in many local and regional competitions throughout the year, giving them the opportunity to connect with students from other schools. ISKL is a participating member of The Association of International Malaysian Schools (AIMS), the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS) and the High School Athletic Program competes at Varsity level at the IASAS Conference. 

Established in 1982, IASAS involves six international schools in Southeast Asia and is recognized as one of the premier international school activities and athletics conferences in the world. The IASAS competition is described as one of the highlights of the school calendar, encompassing three different athletic seasons with 13 international tournaments as well as three different Cultural Conventions featuring Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Film, Debate, and Forensics. The IASAS Conference typifies the benefits of an international school education by giving students the opportunity to travel and compete with their peers across the region. It is an amazing experience for our students to be able to compete at such a high level while also being able to forge positive relationships and friendships. 

After School Bus Service

We also have an After School Activities bus service timed so that students can take advantage of ISKL’s many opportunities. As well as the regular after school bus at dismissal, additional buses are available leaving at 4:10 pm for Elementary School and 4:45 pm, and 6:15 pm for Middle and High School. 

Please click here for more details about our bus service.