IASAS CulCon for Art, Film, and Model United Nations (MUN) 2021

Thirty-five students represented ISKL in the IASAS CulCon for Art, Film, and Model United Nations (MUN). Students get to showcase their talents and learn from the delegates of other IASAS schools.
IASAS Culcon Films
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Thirty-five students from Grades 9 through 12 represented ISKL in the annual IASAS Cultural Convention (CulCon) for Art, Film, and Model United Nations (MUN). The three-day convention ended virtually on November 13, 2021.

CulCon provides a wonderful chance for our students to showcase their talents and knowledge, while also learning from and connecting with delegates from the other IASAS schools. The convention is also a platform for students to step out of their comfort zone and hone some of the skills that they have acquired through months of preparation and hard work.


This year, ten of our IASAS Art delegates got to explore different and new art mediums like embroidery, natural paints, and woodwork from the workshop leaders.

IASAS Art Students on action

They also got to collaborate with the other IASAS schools to create beautiful works of art shown below.

CulCon Arts Artworks


From our IASAS Film delegates, five intricate and creative short films were featured throughout CulCon.

IASAS Culcon Film Posters

The films covered topics like achieving happiness in life, dealing with emotions, and encountering hope amidst the darkness of life. Do check out the five short films below:
‘A Happy Life’ – Yan Qing L. (’22), Inez C. (’22), & Eve B. (’22)
‘Ping’ – Kesha N. (‘24)
‘Submerged’ – Zhi Shen K. (‘24) & Megan T. (‘24)
‘Vicarious’ – Haruka S. (‘23), Pearl R. (‘23), & Zen N. (‘23)
‘The Paper Airplane’ – Hyunjoo K. (‘24), & Liz W. (‘25)


Fourteen of our MUN delegates engaged in the virtual simulation and continued to uphold ISKL’s long tradition of excellence in MUN by receiving awards such as ‘Best Delegate’, ‘Best Judge’, and ‘Most Diplomatic Delegate’, and other honorable mentions.

MUN Awards Collage

Furthermore, we are delighted to see Mr. Richard Martin, our high school social studies teacher, receiving the ‘Spirit of IASAS’ award for his 16-year dedication and passion for the advancement of the program across the region! We are all indebted to his tireless work throughout the years in helping our students reach great heights.

Congratulations to all our IASAS delegates and a big thank you to all the coaches who have supported the students throughout their journey!

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