The variety of educational pathways available today is wide-ranging, be they local government-run institutions, private schools, or even world-class international schools. With so many options available when choosing the right school for your family, it is important to review all options with care and to understand the benefits each option can provide.  

International schools provide an exceptional educational experience for students within an inclusive, internationally-minded environment that inspires them to become the best version of themselves.

Reasons to Choose an International School:

Personalized learning programs are one of the many benefits of choosing international education. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all academic experience, personalized learning takes into account a students’ personality, preferences, interests, and more to develop a learning plan best suited for their individual needs, goals, and passions. Learn more about what personalized learning looks like in practice at an international school here.

Many international schools are rife with enriching opportunities for children to learn, to grow, and to be inspired to become global citizens who are empowered by knowledge, confidence, and independence.

By choosing the international school pathway for your child, you are choosing an education that focuses on more than just their academic development. You can learn more about how an international school education benefits your child’s overall development here.

There are many good reasons to choose an international school, but how do you know if a prospective international school is the right one for your family? What are the most important factors to consider when choosing an international school? Why should you choose an international school for your family?

We have compiled a glossary of international education terms to empower parents during the research process of choosing the right school for their child. Click here to learn more about international education.

At ISKL, we believe that as parents, you should be provided with detailed information on key aspects of our school, our values, and how those values are integrated into all components of our academic experience. Armed with this knowledge, we believe you will be empowered to make the right choice for your family when choosing an international school. Discover even more reasons why families choose ISKL here.

For those who are new to international education, they may have some misconceptions about what it means to attend an international school. Learn more about the myths that persist around international education here.

From experienced and passionate educators, to our state-of-the-art facilities, to our welcoming and inclusive community, discover good reasons to choose an international school and why thousands of families have made the decision to chose international education in Malaysia.

Here are three reasons why you should choose international education for your family.

Why Choose International Education - Impressive facilities designed to enhance student learning

Nestled on 26 acres in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, ISKL is the ultimate destination for a holistic educational experience designed to guide your child to their right-fit pathway. A holistic education can be an enriching and beneficial choice for your child.  Discover the benefits for yourself here.

Our advanced facilities are expertly designed to provide our students with an ideal learning environment – but what are the benefits of choosing a school with optimized learning facilities? How can parents ensure their investment into their child’s education is reflected in the quality of education they receive? At ISKL, we welcome all members of your family to embrace our community spirit and get involved within the community. Here’s how new families can get involved at ISKL.

Learn more about why choosing an international school with modern, research-based facilities is good for student learning.

Why is an optimal learning environment important for students?

Gone are the days of rote learning, where students passively absorb information with the intention of passing exams. Classrooms in this era were minimally decorated with the intention of eliminating distractions, and students were discouraged from collaborating or even asking a question that could take the lecture on a different path.

Rote memorization seemed to be the best methodology at its time, but in the past few decades, giant leaps have been made in regards to understanding how children learn best, and how to design learning spaces that promote positive learning experiences.

In order to inspire an intrinsic motivation for learning, learning needs to be more than something our students do to pass a test. At ISKL, learning is who we are, and we embrace the decades of research into the best learning environment for student learning, which has shown us that students learn best when their learning environment reflects the following characteristics:

  • Inspiring
  • Energizing
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Nurturing
  • Flexible
  • Open
  • Respectful
  • Collaborative
  • Positive

Modern research into child development has praised the benefits of play-based learning for children, especially those in the early years. Discover how play-based learning is the foundation for future-ready here.

Choosing an international school that provides a stimulating, inspiring, and safe learning environment is essential to promote academic, social and emotional, and the overall development of your child. Learn more about our efforts to create an optimal learning environment for our students at ISKL.

Discover ISKL Facilities

At ISKL, our learning environments have been intentionally designed to meet the broad spectrum of needs of our student body. As a community dissatisfied with providing anything but the best, ISKL goes above and beyond providing the necessities for learning by providing comfortable workspaces, specialized classrooms, libraries, and much more. Explore our facilities and the ways in which they provide our students with learning opportunities unlike any other school in Malaysia.

Immersive science classrooms and labs to help students engage deeply into the subject matter. Science labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to spark innovation and creativity in our students.

Not one, but three libraries filled with books and other study materials, as well as comfortable spaces for both independent and collaborative working.

A Performing Arts centre featuring two theatres and an ampitheatre – perfect for student events and performances. From dances, to recitals, to plays, and much more, our performing arts centres are the perfect environment for engaging in creative arts.

Extensive outdoor facilities including playing fields, two gymnasia, tennis courts, and an impressive Aquatics centre, featuring two swimming pools.

Can’t make it to our campus for a tour? We’ve got you covered – Check out this YouTube playlist of tours of our beautiful campus facilities and see our innovative learning spaces for yourself.

Are you interested in a more interactive experience exploring our campus facilities? Click here to interact with our 360 Panorama of our campus map.

Reinvesting back into students

ISKL is one of the many international schools that functions as a not-for-profit institution. While other for-profit international schools can offer a good academic experience, when you choose a not-for-profit school you are choosing a school that invests 100 per cent of tuition fees back into providing the ultimate learning experience for your child.

By choosing a not-for-profit business structure, at ISKL we are consistently putting the needs of our students at the forefront of all decision. By doing so, we are ensuring our students have access to the tools, workspaces, and support they need to thrive as young learners. 

State-of-the-art facilities are just one of the many reasons why parents should choose a not-for-profit international school. Learn more about the benefits of not-for-profit international education here.

Why Choose International Education - Expert faculty from around the world

While expertly-designed workspaces are essential for establishing the best learning environment for our students, it is the additional support from our incredible teachers and faculty that pushes ISKL to the next level.

As the ones working with your child on a daily basis, helping them to overcome and understand difficult academic concepts, to navigate increasingly complex challenges as they age, all while encountering new situations and experiences, our teachers are a fundamental component of student achievement at ISKL.

But how does ISKL find the best teachers from all around the world? What is it about the teaching environment at ISKL that attracts top teachers from around the world? What is it about ISKL that excites teachers from around the world and attracts them to Malaysia?

Discover how ISKL has cultivated an army of expert educators prepared to guide your child through essential academic and developmental milestones.

What are the characteristics of a teacher at ISKL?

While each teacher at ISKL brings their own unique history, personality, preferences, and more to our community, there are some essential characteristics we seek out in our teachers. We do this in order to ensure each teacher we bring into our community understands what it means to be a Panther at ISKL, as well as the importance of their role and duty to students and families within our community.

Here is a short list of some of the characteristics we seek out in faculty members at ISKL:

  • Experienced with holistic education
  • Forward-thinking
  • Passionate
  • Collaborative
  • Engaging
  • Caring
  • Inclusive
  • More!

By hand-selecting teachers and support staff who embody these characteristics, ISKL is expertly equipped to provide the ultimate academic experience for our students.

A dedication towards professional development

One of the most exciting, albeit challenging, aspects of international education is how innovative and industrious the industry can be. With new research consistently informing the decisions we make at ISKL, it’s essential that our faculty stay on top of the latest developments in the world of international education. Additionally, by prioritizing the professional development of our faculty, it acts as a reminder of the importance of education, and how education is a lifelong journey.

As active supporters of the continued professional development of our faculty, teachers at ISKL learn what it means to be a Panther. Many of our teachers have participated in events such as Teachers Teaching Teachers, a vision for the future of learning, strengthening its connections and knowledge of each other as faculty & staff, or may have even participated in the MS Malaysia Week or HS Global Action Program, an exciting and often life-changing event for students and staff alike.

Faculty at ISKL often participate in conferences and workshops, sometimes leading  the conversation themselves as speakers at conferences hosted by ISKL. As leaders in the industry, it is important for faculty at ISKL to embrace learning opportunities and to develop their professional capabilities whenever possible.

Why Choose International Education - Future-ready skills integrated into multiple curriculum pathway options

Our world is ever-changing, and in order to be prepared to navigate the world as educated, informed, and driven young adults, it is imperative we impart our students not only with the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals, but to also impart them with future-ready skills that will help them thrive.

But what does it mean to be future-ready? What future-ready skills does ISKL seek to impart on our students?

Learn more about what it means to be future-ready at ISKL.

The IB Programme offers a challenging, yet enriching, high school academic experience. If you are interested in your child participating in this world-renowned program, you can learn more about the IB at ISKL here.

Focus on the development of essential skills

In order to ensure our students receive the best international education possible, at ISKL we have developed a framework of essential life skills that are integrated into different learning styles, pathways, activities and more.

In our experience educating young minds for over # years, we’ve witnessed first-hand how important it is to impart more than just academic knowledge – as the future leaders of tomorrow, our students need to develop a strong foundation where they discover who they are, are confident in their abilities and take action towards making our world a better place. What does it mean to Find Yourself at ISKL? Discover what it means to us here.

But what are the six essential components of a future-ready education? At ISKL, we have narrowed it down to the following values and skills:

  • Innovation
  • Agency
  • Empathy
  • Action
  • Discovery
  • Inclusion

Each one of these skills has been integrated into learning opportunities across all grade levels at ISKL, with a particular focus on the development of these skills in Elementary school. At ISKL, we believe in celebrating our values. Learn more about celebrating diversity at ISKL here.

Innovative, alternative pathway options

At ISKL, we understand that no child can fit into a “one-size-fits-all” academic experience. With that idea in mind, ISKL developed numerous high school pathway options in order for all students to have access to the academic experience that is best suited for their goals and ambitions.

At ISKL, our innovative pathway options provide our students with an individual, customizable high school experience. Click here to learn more about how we developed these pathway options.

We offer a number of high school pathway options at ISKL, which includes:

  • PRAXIS 2030
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • Pursuits

With curriculum pathway options, it can be challenging to choose the one that is the right fit for your child. Click here to learn tips and tricks to choose the right curriculum for your child.

Each of the available pathways has been meticulously designed to impart a unique, high school curriculum experience for students who seek it. Some of the most popular curriculum options around the world at the British curriculum and the international curriculum. Unsure about the differences between the British curriculum system and an international school curriculum? Learn more about the similarities and differences here.

Whether your child has a specific interest they would like to explore further, or are seeking an internationally recognized and rigorous program, or they seek to be inspired by service learning and other community-centred learning opportunities, ISKL has developed pathway opportunities to make these dreams possible for our students.

To learn more about curriculum pathway options at ISKL, click here.

FAQs: What is an International School and Why Should we Choose it for our Child’s Education?

A common question among prospective parents researching international schools is – what is an international school? When researching international school, there are two common questions that parents ask–what is an international school and how do I choose the right school for my family?

Typically, international schools have a broad range of international students, follow an international curriculum, and offer more flexibility than government-run or private schools.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which occur in the process of selecting an international school.

Typically, international schools have a broad range of international students from both the local community and abroad, follow an international curriculum, and offer more flexibility than government-run or private schools.

International schools are also diverse in their nature; some are not-for-profit, or parent governed, while others are privately owned and part of larger business ventures.

Discover the benefits of choosing not-for-profit international education here.

An important area to understand is the school’s educational philosophy and approach to learning.

Does the school offer students opportunities beyond formal academic programs, like activities outside of the classroom? Is the school’s curriculum more traditionally focused, or is it inquiry-based and student-centered?

It is also important to understand the academic results achieved by the school’s students.

A good way to understand an international school’s academic rigor is to look at aggregated standardized test results, which will show you how a grade is performing and what progress has been made during the year.

Data from a prospective school’s current and former students, and its accreditation agencies, highlight the school’s uniqueness, as a place that promotes student wellbeing, and as a school that provides students with experiences they cherish throughout their lives.

The competitive results in the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and a range of standardized assessments, reflect the commitment of its community towards learning.

Make sure you understand which curriculum is offered and how this relates to the student’s current experience. If you do intend to change curricula, ensure the admissions team explain how the school will support your child’s transition.

For example, ISKL is one of the very few schools in Malaysia that provides a robust international curriculum that combines leading North American educational frameworks with global best practice and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). For families seeking a North American style education, a school like ISKL would be a better fit than one with a British curriculum.

The IBDP is among the world’s best-known pre-university study programs. Academically rigorous and challenging, the IB shapes students into well-rounded academics and is recognized by universities worldwide.

It is important to not only consider if a school can offer the IBDP, it’s also relevant to review the school’s pass rate and diploma averages. 

As the longest-running IB World School in Malaysia with a 28-year pass rate of 96% and scores that are consistently in the top 5% of IB schools worldwide, ISKL could be a great option for families seeking to take on the IBDP. 

For examples, in 2021 ISKL outperformed the worldwide IB Diploma average score with an IB Diploma average of 37.1 points (worldwide IB Diploma average was 33.02 points).

Many schools have selection procedures in place as to which students can or cannot pursue IBDP, so make sure the prospective school offers the IBDP on a nonselective basis.

Is ISKL the right school for your family? Discover why Malaysian families have chosen ISKL here.

An important factor to understand is how easy will it be for students to get to and from school. Does the school offer a busing service? Are buses safe, well monitored and available for students participating in after-school activities? Do students have the option to ride their bikes or walk to school? Is the route to school safe?

Many international schools, such as ISKL, offer an extensive bus service for students. For students at ISKL, they have the option to commute by car, bus, bike, or walk to our beautiful campus.

The size of the school is an important factor in deciding on the right international school. Too small and your child may not have an adequate range of academic, social, and sporting opportunities available to them. Too large and your child may feel lost and may struggle to find their fit in such a large pool.

Getting the balance right is essential, so remember to ask the admissions officer about student numbers and how this is managed within each division.

Many international schools have evolved over the years and have a highly diverse student population. ISKL is a case in point: the school only had 48 students when it first opened 55 years ago and has now grown as a leading international school with a diverse student population. 

Have you encountered unfamiliar terminology in your research of international schools? Take a look at our Glossary of international education terminology here.

It is worthwhile asking if you can talk with parents or students from your home country or parents who have moved from your current school as they will give you an honest perspective on their experience.

It is also worth checking whether students from other schools in the area have moved to the school and vice versa. Many parents don’t think to ask this question, but it can give a good indication of the school’s broader appeal. It is important to understand the local environment of the school. 

ISKL’s website has a detailed section talking about life in Kuala Lumpur, and more specifically what it is like to live in the school’s vibrant suburb, Ampang.

It is vital that the prospective international school clearly explains the fee structure to you. International school fees should be transparent from the start with no hidden surprises. Most schools publicly display their fees online or in printed prospectuses; like ISKL, many international schools’ fees are easily accessible on the school’s website.

More so than other education options, international schools are experienced in helping students transition in and out of the school community. With the nomadic nature of many of the families who choose international education, transition support is an essential element to a welcoming international school.

Most international schools provide support to students and their accompanying family members by connecting them with parent/teacher organizations like the PTA, by maintaining open communication between the school and parents during the transition phase, and practicing self-care during periods of transition.

Learn more about the real stories of people in our ISKL community. Connect with a Panther here.

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