Panthers of ISKL #175: Ella L. (‘28) & Simran P. (‘29)

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POISKL Ella & Simran

– The MS Panther Post Editors

Here we meet Ella L. (‘28) and Simran P. (‘29) from Middle School (MS) who collaborated to create an edition of the MS Panther Post, a weekly newsletter and part of their “Photography And Publications” elective. 

Here is their story: 

Do tell us more about yourselves. 

Ella: I’m 13 years old and am from South Korea. I was born there and then moved to Malaysia five years ago. 

Simran: I am 13 years old, and my birthday is in June. I am from Mumbai, India, and I lived there my whole life. I moved to KL in 2019 for my dad’s job and attended two different schools before moving to ISKL.

POISKL-Ella LWhich grade did you join ISKL? What were your first days of school like? 

Ella: I joined in Grade 6. I felt slightly uncomfortable on my first day of school but still enjoyed it. I had spent the previous three years in a school with a different learning system, so going to a new school was an abrupt experience for me. After some time, I found myself drawn to what I was intrigued by in this school and eventually became accustomed to them.

Simran: This is my first year at ISKL. My first day of school was confusing because I did not know where to go, and making friends was hard, but there were so many people around to guide me, and everyone was so friendly.

Please tell us about the MS Panther Post and your role as part of the Editorial staff.

Ella: The MS Panther Post is a reflection and a pivot of past central events. It can be used to get more detailed information, find what you have missed, or generally look back at time. 

As an editorial staff, I created a few newspaper pages, such as adding images and writing – I enjoyed organizing the photos the most. 

Simran: We take photos for the newspaper and interview students and teachers to learn more about them. I enjoy getting to know different people from various backgrounds and personalities and taking pictures around school to explore my creative side. 

Do you participate in any co-curricular activities at ISKL? Please describe them.

Ella: I take part in guitar because I enjoy playing my favorite songs on it. It’s also one of the instruments that I find the easiest and most interesting. 

Simran: I have enrolled in football, badminton, and swimming. I enjoy all of these sports. 

Can you tell us more about your other hobbies and interests? 

Ella: I enjoy learning about various topics in psychology. Aside from that, music is another interest. It is fascinating how it is used to express and drive a topic into perspective. I love history and improvisation, too. My hobbies are playing the guitar and reading books. 

Simran: I like drawing as it helps me clear my mind, and painting as it makes me express myself. 

POISKL-Simran PWhat are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Ella: I have no plans for the future except that I want to create a project that I like doing and be proud of. Other than that, I am solely trying to explore different themes I enjoy doing. 

Simran: I want to be a marine biologist when I am older, as I have always been drawn to ocean life. 

Who or what inspires you or has influenced you?

Ella: I get influenced mainly by my personal experiences and my thinking. 

Simran: Lionel Messi has inspired me to join football and be determined in every activity I do.

Most memorable moment at ISKL?

Ella: My most memorable moment at ISKL is the festivals. They are convivial and have a lot of new things you could buy and be entertained with. 

Simran: Making new friends and the back-to-school bash allowed me to get to know other people and interact with such an amazing community.  

What does “Know yourself, care for all, and create a better world” mean to you?

Ella: This phrase defines revealing what you know you can be good at and using that as a reinforcement to society with good intentions. In short, create a new inspirational cycle and be satisfied. 

Simran: It means you should always care for yourself when needed, be kind to others, and spread kindness overall, creating a better environment and world.


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