Malaysia Week: An Experience Like No Other!

There truly is nothing like the ISKL Malaysia Week experience. Read more as we explore the program goals and how this adventure creates memories and friendships of a lifetime for Middle School students!
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Every year, our Middle School students look forward to a long-standing ISKL tradition of more than four decades: Malaysia Week! First introduced in 1979, Malaysia Week is ISKL’s outdoor interdisciplinary education camp program that takes place in the tropical reefs and lush rainforests of Malaysia as well as a special one this year with our on campus activities in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Guided by the program goals, students break out from their regular everyday activities as they learn to work together as a community and deal positively with new situations, recognizing self-perceived limitations and challenging themselves to go beyond their comfort zone.

Comprised of six goals, they encapsulate how the program is an adventure of a lifetime for our Middle School students, as there truly is nothing like the Malaysia Week experience. Read all about them below!

Malaysia Week - Waterfall

Learn a new skill or gain knowledge in an area not ordinarily found in the school curriculum

From the transformative lessons of teamwork, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, and working together to the practical skills of making a fire or wilderness first aid, these weeks provide innumerable opportunities for growth and learning to our students.

Malaysia Week -Briefing Chilling

Increase knowledge, understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of Malaysia

While students are kayaking, snorkeling, or exploring, there are many times that participants have to pinch themselves and say, “This is school!?!” especially when:

  • Grade 7 is visiting one of the world’s most beautiful rainforests to learn about the lungs of our planet
  • Grade 8 students being on stunning white sand beaches while learning about ocean conservation
  • Grade 6 students exploring the beautiful areas not far from Kuala Lumpur

While the tradition is to combine Middle Schoolers from different grades in multiple locations, this format is specially curated for our Panthers this year. In a nutshell, no matter how the program is structured- the appreciation of Malaysia is immense!

Malaysia Week -Water Activities

Learn to cooperate in a group situation with peers as well as adults

The cooperation required from students is part of what makes Malaysia Week special. Years from now, students will remember their group members, the person they shared a kayak with or a helpful friend during one of the hikes, and how fellow Panthers came together to support each other. These are powerful lessons!

Malaysia Week - Builds

Reinforce skills and content in the existing curriculum

Here at ISKL, our School-Wide Learning Results (SLRs) are based on six learning outcomes that last a lifetime and enable our students to tackle the future with confidence. During Malaysia week, we witness these SLRs being reinforced as students learn the lessons of goal setting, persevering, or learning independence and organizational skills, as well as seeing other perspectives and coming together with others to achieve a common goal.

Gain an increased sense of independence and responsibility

There have been many positive lessons about resilience and overcoming challenges from the pandemic. Still, life lessons such as being away from home, growing in independence, solving problems, and becoming more responsible have not been as evident. This return to ‘normalcy’ and Malaysia Week’s return offers powerful chances for our children to grow in these critical life skills.

Malaysia Week - Sand and Sumpit

Experience the positive aspects of living in a community

Malaysia Week-Jungle HikingSome of the lessons will be beneficial, powerful, and positively life-impacting when students return from Malaysia Week. It is lovely to see the collective power of students coming together to achieve something more significant than any individual. From connecting with a roommate to partnering with a team, the positive aspects of the community are abundant on Malaysia Week trips.

“What was most rewarding was watching our students truly appreciate their first Malaysia Week experience. It was inspiring to see our students once again socializing, making new friends, and strengthening their bonds with classmates, teachers, and the country of Malaysia. After five days of sun, surf, rainforests, and endless activity, our Middle School students wrapped up their adventure full of hope, optimism, and gratitude for their friends, family, and school.” – Middle School Principal Peter Casey.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a parent is seeing your child thrive. We do not doubt that parents will have wonderful conversations about the learning and experiences from a fantastic week.

Keen to explore how ISKL creates beautiful experiences for your child? Head on over here to learn more about the Middle School curriculum, student life, and how ISKL empowers your child to be future-ready! For our community, learn more about Malaysia Week and all it has to offer here.


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