Welcoming Families: How To Get Involved at ISKL

From students to families to alumni and to our broader community at ISKL, everyone benefits when parents are actively involved in their child's school life.
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Joining a new school for the first time or transitioning from another school can be a challenging process for some students. When we welcome families into our ISKL community to help them feel at home, we show them how they are becoming part of a community built on strong support networks founded on a culture of care and empathy.

One of the many factors that make ISKL a special place is our remarkable community comprising our students, faculty, support staff, alumni and an environment that welcomes parents’ involvement in our school.

As a non-profit school, our governing body includes a Board of Directors, which consists of parents elected by the parents of our students. The involvement of these parents keeps us on track to achieving our goals and ensures that we are consistently working in the favour of our students.

By getting parents involved in our school, we have built a valuable partnership to share and work towards a common goal – to ensure that we consistently provide the best possible education and learning environment for our students.

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Why should parents get involved in the school community?

Getting parents involved in the school community has numerous benefits for the child, the parent, and the wider school community.

In addition, parents involved in their children’s education can better support their children. By showing interest and support in your children’s daily activities, your child will feel more confident, which will ultimately be reflected in their performance at school.

The benefits of parental involvement in education extend beyond each student; when parents engage with their children’s school community, they help develop a healthy, kind, and supportive atmosphere that benefits every community member. Parents have the opportunity to build friendships while connecting with other volunteer parents working towards the same goals.

Getting involved in your children’s education doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, we recommend seeking out ways to get involved that are fun, interesting, and fit with your schedule. Here are four ways parents can get involved at ISKL.

1. Volunteer

PTA Pac Shack VolunteersAt ISKL, we welcome parents, especially those who are new to the community, to get involved by volunteering at one of the numerous opportunities available.

Parents are invited to volunteer at various school events. This is a great way to show your children your dedication to being involved in their education, and it is also a great way to meet and connect with other parents.

Some possible volunteer opportunities for parents at ISKL include:

  • Events such as recitals, sporting events, etc
  • Participating in in-class reading with students
  • Host other students coming from abroad
  • Charity or fundraising events
  • Participate or organize events and efforts to support students

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2. Join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to get involved

ISKL’s PTA is a parent-led group that was created to act as a liaison between parents and administration. PTA active members can participate in or lead specific activities, parent-led or community events, for the greater good of the school and community.

In addition to arranging community-building events, the PTA, together with the Admissions Team and School Leadership, play a significant role in welcoming new families to the school and informing them of the opportunities to get involved in our school community.

ISKL’s PTA activities include opportunities to volunteer and enrich the learning experience of ISKL’s students, community events, fundraising efforts and social gatherings. The PTA also provides families with a fantastic and friendly resource to make families feel welcome and settle into Kuala Lumpur with opportunities to build new friendships.

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Parents Volunteer Fair3. Getting parents involved in Initiating parent-led workshops

Supervising a club or initiating parent-led workshops at ISKL is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people with similar interests and could also provide you with the support you may need with your child’s journey at ISKL.

There is always some kind of activity or effort being planned and organized at ISKL as we do our best to motivate our students. Parents have the opportunity to explore and exercise some of their own interests and skills and have the chance to build friendships with parents of other students that are working toward the same goals.

Parents have been initiating various types of parent-led workshops that allow them to meet other parents, share interests and build networks. The workshops range from languages to cooking, pilates, hiking, etc. These efforts will benefit parents by making them feel welcome at ISKL.

4. Parents can get involved at ISKL by becoming a Board member

ISKL’s Board of Directors is comprised of parents of ISKL students. Parents are elected to the committee by vote from fellow ISKL parents.

ISKL’s Board of Directors is incredibly diverse; the school welcomes parents of different cultures, nationalities, personalities, and areas of expertise that bring their varied perspectives and fulfill various needs.

These diverse perspectives perfectly reflect our school, which is comprised of students from over 65 nations. By getting parents involved, our board contributes to ISKL’s truly international environment that nurtures global citizens who will someday become leaders, innovators, and future entrepreneurs.

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