Celebrating a Diverse Community

ISKL celebrates diversity in our classrooms and our curriculum, learning and teaching styles so that our students can carve their path to the university in the country of their choice.
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Home » ISKL Blog » Celebrating a Diverse Community

One of the most significant differentiating characteristics of an international school that benefits students is how they celebrate diversity in their classrooms. Students are exposed to various cultures throughout their time at school, enriching their learning experiences.

By celebrating cultural diversity, students can tap into a world of social opportunities where not only do they learn about other cultures, but they also understand their own culture better, supporting the development of their international mindedness.

International schools celebrate a culturally diverse and inclusive environment which further promotes creativity, multilingualism, and more, and opens students’ minds to alternative ways of thinking as they understand the complexities of internationalism and their role as global citizens.

Discover the many reasons behind why parents choose ISKL here.

What does diversity mean at ISKL?

When children become students at ISKL, they become part of a friendly, dynamic, and inclusive community comprising 1,500 students, families representing over 65 nationalities, faculty and staff from around the world and ISKL’s global alumni community.

ISKL’s inclusive education welcomes students from different parts of the world. We believe that diversity is a strength, and we are dedicated to nurturing all our student’s academic, social, emotional and developmental needs through our community members, school-wide support system and counselling programs.

When we talk about diversity at ISKL, our school goes beyond celebrating diversity in our multiculturalism classrooms; at ISKL, we celebrate diversity throughout the many aspects of our schools, such as in our learning approaches, thinking frameworks, backgrounds, etc. Our culture of care and empathy supports students in learning how to consider the perspective of others, collaborate constructively, communicate effectively, and live ethically.

Are you interested in becoming a member of ISKL’s parent community? Learn more about how families can join the ISKL community here.

Celebrating Diversity through International Mindedness

ISKL is a school that celebrates diversity with the support of our diverse families, who invest time and effort in enriching our whole school community by creating an environment based on mutual respect and understanding.

ISKL’s vision — Know yourself, care for all, and create a better world —  reflects the collective effort invested in encouraging our learners to explore and pursue their passions while providing them with a range of learning pathways, opportunities and support to find themselves at ISKL.

Integrating and practising this vision across our school also reinforces our actions in celebrating diversity at ISKL. Our learning opportunities and global environment guide students to develop positive personal character traits like cooperation, courtesy, empathy, integrity, kindness, respect, and responsibility.

Our curriculum and co-curricular program have been specifically designed to include diverse cross-cultural experiences that promote global awareness and an international mindset.

This global mindset ensures that ISKL students are in demand by universities worldwide; the flexibility and individualization of our curriculum further position students appropriately so that they can apply to their universities in their countries of choice.

ISKL provides support and guidance to its new students to help them transition into ISKL’s student community. You can learn more about how ISKL supports students with this transition here.

Celebrating diversity at ISKL

We consider our diverse community and environment as one of our school’s strengths. Diversity is a significant element of our guiding principles and vision; this ensures we remain committed to maintaining a safe and courageous school culture and consistently reflect and learn the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a community.

At ISKL, we celebrate cultural diversity by hosting a range of events, such as our annual International Festival, parent workshops and events such as Multilingual parent events. These efforts encourage parents to come together in an informal environment and support ISKL’s appreciation of diversity and language development.

Much of the movement observed in the ISKL community is directly linked to the wellness and well-being of transitional families, educators and faculty staff members adapting to or departing from a city or country.

We further support and encourage diversity at ISKL by hosting ‘Transitional Workshops’ to establish effective structural methods of support to provide parents with positive pathways and strategies that focus on the overall welfare of each community member.

If you’d like an insider perspective on what it’s like to be a member of the community at ISKL, connect with a Panther here.

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