Empowered High School Students Thrive at ISKL

Join us as we explore how co-curricular activities at ISKL provide a world of opportunities for High School students, nurturing them to be global citizens for a better tomorrow!
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Home » ISKL Blog » Empowered High School Students Thrive at ISKL

I feel true to myself when I seek my passion and live out my dreams, making them my reality. –Ruby L. (’ 23)

We know that as parents, nothing beats seeing your child empowered with inspired creativity driven by their passion and dreams.

At ISKL, our robust co-curricular activities program complements our holistic education and allows each pupil to thrive as they progress through the school. When students enter High School, they can choose and lead clubs based on their interests, competencies, and aspirations in preparation for life beyond ISKL. 

Read more as we explore how co-curricular activities at ISKL provide a world of opportunities for students, nurturing them to be global citizens of tomorrow.

Giving Students a Voice

The key to empowering students is to offer them a voice when pursuing their interests in co-curricular activities. When passionate scientist Ruby had a spark to start a club over the summer or philanthropist Sana wanted to be involved with a social project, they both knew that the idea could materialize at ISKL.

“I spent last summer designing and envisioning ways I could initiate a club. After various meetings and emails with Ms. Brems and Mr. Huang over the summer, I was finally able to settle on the idea of creating an initiative called Bioverse International.” –Ruby L. (’ 23)

HS Co-Curricular

“ISKL has many clubs and opportunities, so don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or classmates because everyone is ready to listen.” –Sana M. (‘24) 

Taking Ownership & Becoming Leaders

When we empower students to take ownership of their learning, they do more than engage; they actively lead the learning process. Participating in co-curricular activities cultivates this by building confidence in students to lead in a supportive environment. 

HS Co-Curricular

“When I entered Young Investor’s Society in the second semester, I felt lost. However, instead of quitting the club, I advocated for my learning by asking questions and participating in the stock pitch. If you’re ever feeling behind, the responsibility falls onto yourself to make decisions that can help you improve, and ISKL will ensure that you get help with your learning.” -E-Therng L. (’ 22)

Create Memorable Moments

Memories play an essential part in shaping a person’s path in life, empowering them to become the person they are today. From participating in the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS) to being part of the highly anticipated Global Action Program (GAP), our students are given opportunities to create lasting memories.

HS Co-Curricular

“One of my most memorable moments in ISKL involves the IASAS swimming team when our relay team won silver. The best part about the swim team is the team itself and how we are encouraged to improve. Apart from that, I went to India for GAP. We went to a rural area and taught the students a little bit of every subject. We also had a dance-off; it was so much fun and wholesome!” —Mizuki S. (’ 23)

Finding True Passion

“Do what you love, and money and success will follow.” These are the words of Performing Arts Director Tina Casey that echo how ISKL’s co-curricular program complements our holistic education in supporting students to explore their passions and interests. 

“Looking back, my best memory at ISKL has to be all the clubs I have attended, particularly robotics! I first joined the robotics club in Grade 9, which sparked my interest in STEM. I still remember at first how stunned I was by all the cool and fancy equipment– it was such a meaningful experience for me!” -Lydia L. (’ 22)

HS Co-Curricular

“One of the reasons we took on the (Color Away Covid) project was because we were all passionate about it. To find a cause that you are passionate about and something that you won’t lose interest in would be helpful when wanting to start being part of an initiative.”- Ira S. (‘24)

Showcasing Empathy

Living in an increasingly interconnected world, having compassion is powerful as our decisions affect other individuals in society. With over ten community partnership clubs available, a culture of care and empathy is cultivated to empower ISKL students to transform conditions for others.

HS Co-Curricular

“I am part of CARE, a club affiliated with the Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI), where we help educate refugees while having fun to brighten their day. We hold interactive games and classes, and it has been great to see them happy on our Zoom calls.” —Mizuki S. (‘23)

“When I heard that ISKL had an SPCA club, I immediately joined to spend time with the animals during the weekdays. Especially last year, when the clubs at school were not active because of the lockdowns, I went and volunteered there once a week on my own.” -Steve X. (‘22)


In a school where there are so many different opportunities to explore who you are, the phrase “Be All You Are” rings truer than ever. Here, you don’t have to be just a musician, an athlete, or a debater. You can be all of those things and more, which is why this phrase motivates me to pursue all of my interests, not just one, regardless of how contrasting they are. With this phrase, I get to witness myself develop and improve in all aspects of my life, making me the person I am today! -Rika S. (’24)

There is perhaps no greater catalyst for empowering students than providing them with opportunities to thrive into global citizens. Beyond athletics, humanities, arts, STEM, language and culture, wellness, advocacy, community partnerships, and sustainability clubs, ISKL’s co-curricular program bring a kaleidoscope of memories for your child.

Are you interested in learning more about the co-curricular program at ISKL? Head over here to find out more!


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