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Middle School

ISKL’s Middle School is a bridge between the Elementary years and the High School years. By providing a safe and supportive learning environment, wrapped with lots of joy and enthusiasm, the Middle School allows students to thrive during three amazing years of growth and change.


In the Middle School, we like to say our goal for kids each day is, “Tired bodies, tired brains, happy faces.”

The bulk of a student’s day involves the core subjects, allowing students to meet high academic standards while engaging in thematic learning and interdisciplinary teaming. A wide variety of elective options, combined with required rotations provide a rich and varied academic program. Augmenting this is a huge variety of co-curricular activities including sports, service learning, special interest clubs, and the performing arts which allow students to development new skills and interests as well as the exploration of existing passions.

Each day begins in a multi-grade homegroup where one teacher meets with 8 - 10 students with the primary purpose being to build relationships and make connections with students. The friendships formed here, combined with the lessons and activities, help students deal with the social and emotional changes of adolescence.

Peter Casey
Middle School Principal

Middle School Contact
P: +603 4813 5002