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“Meeting new friends and developing myself as a musician and a student would be my most unforgettable experience. especially when I played orchestra music with my IASAS band team. We took so much time and effort to make and enjoy our music.”

Meet Rachell L. (’24), a Grade 12 student who plays the flute and was part of the IASAS Band Team attending the recent Culcon in Singapore. Originally from South Korea, she lived in the United States before moving to Malaysia.

After graduation, she plans to pursue a business and international relations degree in the US. Additionally, she is an active member of STARs and the Pantherflix Club and co-leader of the ISKL Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (IPYO).

Here is Rachell’s story:


Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Rachell, with two Ls. I’m originally from South Korea; however, I was born in the United States and spent the first five years there. Although I don’t remember specific details from that time, I remember the scent and mood of where I resided.

Which grade did you join ISKL? What were your first days like?

On Christmas 2017, my parents announced that our family would move to Malaysia because of my dad’s work – it was their surprise present. My brother and I were still trying to figure out what Malaysia looked like. We only knew it was one of the South East Asian countries with 365 days of summer.

On the first day of ISKL, I was nervous and excited because it was my first time attending an international school and classes with people of many different nationalities. Since English is not my first language (even though I was born in the US), I kept practicing introducing myself and conversing with friends. I can’t remember my first school day, but I enjoyed it and felt included.

We understand that you play the flute and actively participate in IASAS Music. Please tell us more.

When I started playing the flute in Grade 4, I did not expect to continue playing until I was a Senior – now, this is my ninth year of playing the flute! I didn’t want to play the flute initially, but I had to because my parents encouraged me to. However, after I began to play with other flute players and joined the band class here, I began to feel the desire to continue playing the flute. This has led me to participate in IASAS Music and the ISKL Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (IPYO).

I advise students playing the flute or other instruments to enjoy and push themselves if they participate in IASAS. It might stress you, but it will become one of your most precious memories. Also, keep doing your music!

IASAS music photos

Do you participate in any other co-curricular activities at ISKL? Please describe them.

I am a member of the Student Admission Representatives (STARs) team. Our team provides guidance and assistance to new families and visitors to the school.

When I first visited ISKL, I was impressed by the students helping with the school tour. Their efforts inspired me to join the STARs team, and it has been a fantastic experience for me ever since. I get to meet new people and share my experiences in ISKL with them. It makes me proud when the families I’ve guided wave back at me with a bright smile when we meet again at school.

Rachel L. with the Stars Students

I’m also a founder of the club called “PantherFlix.” We are a video podcast and production club showing life in ISKL. I started this club with my two friends, Hyunjoo K. (’24) and Yoonseo H. (’24), and we were eager to show how IASAS students worked hard for their goals, our school community, and what life at an international school life looks like. Also, with the assistance of our wonderful club advisor, Mr. Danial Mohd. Marzuki, we managed to expand our club more. It was a great experience to meet different school students, have conversations during the interview, and show the inside scenes of ISKL – there is so much good content! (Please follow and subscribe to our Pantherflix channel on YouTube!)

Rachel L. with her music friends

Furthermore, I first participated in IPYO in Grade 8. Playing the flute with different instruments was great, but playing with strings and different grades allowed me to see the wider world. After the first year of IPYO, I couldn’t stop, and during my Senior year, I became the leader of IPYO with Mei Y. (’24), a lovely clarinet player. We organized most of the IPYO planning and ideas with Mr. Jonathan Baird and Mr. Vincent Cee. Seeing how much I’ve grown has been great!

What are your plans after you graduate from ISKL?

I am planning to study in the US and explore various opportunities. So far, I’m interested in studying business and international relations.

Finding my interests and what I want to do is challenging. Based on my experiences in ISKL and the US, I will explore my interests further and learn more about myself.

Can you tell us more about your other hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are drawing, listening to music, and playing the flute. I started drawing as a hobby and still enjoy doing this in my free time. Initially, I used to draw myself and my friends, but later, I found joy observing other people’s reactions to my work.

Also, my passion for playing the flute led me to participate in IASAS Music.

Do you have any thoughts on your career pathway?

I aspire to pursue a career that aligns with my experience in an international school. Having been exposed to diverse cultures and a broader perspective, I am now inclined to explore opportunities that can utilize my experiences. Since international relations play a crucial role in modern-day businesses, I plan to leverage my international school experience to excel in business.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I want to explore a different and broader world and share those experiences with the people around me and with others.

Who or what inspires you or has influenced you?

My dad has had a great influence on me. If he hadn’t moved to Malaysia and the US, I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience such diverse cultures. As an adult who has already seen so much of the world, he is a great teacher to me.

Most memorable moment at ISKL?

IASAS Music would have to be the most memorable moment for me. Going to different international schools in other countries and playing the same music with other students is a unique experience.

Meeting new friends and developing myself as a musician and a student would be my most unforgettable experience at ISKL. Especially during the time I played orchestra music with my IASAS band team. We took so much time and effort to make and enjoy our music. During practice, I became exhausted from playing the same music and pushing myself to improve. As soon as I stepped onto the stage with my team and we made eye contact, I knew our practice and efforts had led us to this moment.

I was delighted to be a part of the mass band performance. The music we played, listened to and learned from the conductor was more valuable than I had imagined. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can never be replicated.

What does “Know yourself, care for all, and create a better world” mean to you?

This statement encompasses all the points and aspects we need today. “Know yourself” means understanding our values and beliefs to express our identity. “Care for all” would mean showing respect, inclusiveness, and kindness toward people regardless of differences. For “create a better world,” I think the previous two phrases are included.

Whether small or big, taking action will change the world through caring for others or knowing myself.


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