ISKL Celebrates a Culture of Reading

Reading broadens students’ knowledge and perspectives, enhances writing and language skills, improves focus and concentration and, most of all, reading stimulates learners’ minds.
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“A-B-C-D-E-F-G…” Sounds familiar? By just reading the letters, many of us can probably already hear the tune of this nursery rhyme in our heads. Some of you might already be continuing the lyrics, singing it out loud. This song that we learned once upon a time is so ingrained in many of our minds and is essential. When we first sang the first 26 letters of this tune, we took a big step in our journey as lifetime readers. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “reader”, we all read every day. We read articles, magazines, books, road signs, maps, advertisements, notices, parking tickets, cards, and even this blog right now. We read for different reasons, but we all read. It’s simply part of living.

Reading is an integral part of student learning and woven into everything we do at ISKL.

We celebrate our wonderful culture of reading because it opens up a whole new world as we dive into the rich and amazing tales written in each line of a story. Reading broadens students’ knowledge and perspectives, enhances writing and language skills, improves focus and concentration and, most of all, reading stimulates learners’ minds.

Humans are natural storytellers and we cannot help but share. Fiction, non-fiction, novels, short stories, biographies; whatever the genre, good reading material prompts great conversations and healthy debates that help students learn beyond the walls of a classroom. It encourages students to come together and share what they’ve discovered or learned through their reading – passing the knowledge on.

This month at ISKL High School (HS) students visited the Prep Senior classes and read to them as part of their HS Intro to Storytelling unit, where they were assessed on their storytelling and audience engagement skills. Every Friday, Grade 3 students have weekly visits from their Middle School (MS) Reading Buddies as they practice and hone their reading skills. These are wonderful examples of how reading brings students of different ages together.  Younger students have the opportunity to collaborate with older ones, while assisting the older students with their learning. It’s one of the ways in which we encourage a culture of reading at ISKL.

While September is reading month and a chance to celebrate a culture of reading at ISKL,  encouraging students to develop healthy reading habits takes place throughout the year. Reading for half an hour a day makes a big difference especially in the lives of young learners. The book doesn’t have to be in English. Our MS teachers have some excellent suggestions for great around-the-dining-table or in-the-car conversation starters to get children talking about books and reading. They include:

“What are you reading?”

“What connections are you making?”

“How is this like or different than other things you have read?”

“What are you thinking about reading next?”

Follow-up questions like, “Say more about that.”

On October 4, our Elementary School, Middle School, and High School students will also have the opportunity to meet and work with an award-winning author, Ross Welford, as he conducts writing workshops, presentations and even a reading and magic show entitled “The Magic of Reading.”  Thanks very much again to the ISKL Inspiration Fund for sponsoring this event. You can find out lots more about Ross Welford at his website.

We’re #ISKLproud of all our students for valuing the culture of reading and reflecting our School-Wide Learning Results (SLRs). #WeAreReaders

If you have not checked out the pre-sale for visiting author, Ross Welford, be sure to stop by the ES, MS and HS libraries now! The pre-sale is from September 30 to October 3. The author will be able to sign the book upon his arrival.

Find out more about what ISKL is doing to encourage reading on the ES, MS & HS social media pages: MS/HS Library Facebook Page and ES Library Facebook Page


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