Student Facilities

Art Rooms

Art facilities include several large art rooms, a darkroom, a graphics lab, an outdoor batik area, a ceramics studio and a Design Technology laboratory.

Busing Services

ISKL runs a safe and efficient bus service that provides students with comfortable transportation between their homes and campuses. A ride-along bus assistant monitors all routes as an added safety precaution. You can contact the school busing office at +603 4259-5740 or click here for more information.


A Nutritionist/Dietician works closely with food vendors to ensure that delicious, nutritious meals are provided daily.


Classes are conducted in modern, comfortable air conditioned rooms and all indoor spaces are equipped with air purifiers.

Climbing Walls

Both campuses boast a popular climbing wall. The benefits of climbing are numerous as students develop physical fitness, self-confidence, teamwork and leadership.


There is a full-time nurse consistently on duty in a well-equipped clinic to deal with emergencies, administer prescription medicine, and treat minor ailments. Services are also available on-site during sporting events and after-school activities. ISKL health services also serve as a resource for health and lifestyle-related issues for students.

Melawati Clinic

Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Phone: + 603 4104 3015

Nurse: Bethanie Christensen

Ampang Clinic
Hours: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Phone: +603 4259 5624

Nurse: Judith Cooper

Nurse: Carmela Ganeson

Nurse: Rina Roslan

Additional Information

Health & Immunization Requirements

Food Allergy Guidelines

Computer Labs / Technology

Computer labs equipped with the latest technology can be found on both campuses. Resources include multimedia studios for all school levels, Middle and High School visual arts labs, and a High School music/midi studio. Other digital resources include SMART Boards, document cameras, digital video and still cameras, digital voice recorders, and school-wide wireless access to the Internet.

Covered Recreational Areas

Campuses have several sheltered areas for basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton.

Dance Studio

Our Ampang campus has an attractive dance studio, which is home to many of our ballet, jazz and hip-hop dancers in Middle through High School.

Drama Studio

A drama studio used for rehearsals, workshops and instructional space is located at the Ampang campus. This venue is also used for one act play performances and as a technical theater lab by our talented thespians.

Fitness Center

A fitness center is located on the Ampang campus and is managed by a full-time athletics trainer who offers strength and fitness classes to Middle and High School students.


Campus libraries have a collection of over 55,000 items, including a wide range of periodicals, reference materials, encyclopedias, magazines and multimedia educational aids. Librarians and library staff are available to assist students.

Music Rooms

Our Melawati campus has general choral and band classrooms plus a large group performance facility. The Ampang campus has choir rooms and band/ orchestra facilities for both Middle and High School students. Practice rooms provide access to pianos, guitars, amplifiers and microphones.

Science Labs

There are fully equipped science labs at both campuses, each carefully modified to suit the needs of courses. The Ampang campus labs are linked to a highly equipped science preparation room, operated by a senior lab technician and assistant.

Swimming Pools

There are 25m swimming pools on the Melawati and Ampang campuses.Students in Prep Senior through Grade 11 have scheduled swimming lessons in their physical education classes. Swimming is also an after-school activity.


There is a theater on each campus. Both are air conditioned and are used for drama productions, dance performances, musical ensembles and assemblies.