Middle School Life

Parent Communication

A great partnership between home and school is essential for success at ISKL. In order to promote effective communication, the Middle School employs various methods of communication using technology and parent conferences.

School Day

School starts at 8:00 am with homegroups for 20 minutes daily. Each Middle School student will have 8 classes over two days and the school day ends at 2:45 pm. ISKL Middle School operates on an eight-day rotating schedule. This schedule provides 75-80 minute class times to enable students to delve deeply into lessons.

Busing Services

ISKL runs a safe and efficient bus service for the convenience of students and parents. A ride-along bus assistant monitors all routes. You can contact the school busing office at +603 4259-5740 or click here for more information.


Students are expected to wear the appropriate school uniform. Only light blue or white shirts and navy blue bottoms are allowed. Middle and High School students may purchase their own shorts and do not have to buy them at the ISKL Panther Store (however, the ISKL Panther Store will continue to stock uniform shorts for purchase). Navy blue is the only color that may be worn and parents should match the navy color of an existing (new) uniform. Students are also required to wear a PE uniform, athletic shoes, and a hat for outdoor physical education classes.

Identity Cards

ISKL students are issued ID cards must accompany students whenever on campus. ID cards are required for checking out books from the library and accessing computers/printers in the computer labs.


Each Middle School student is assigned a locker and a combination lock. Students are reminded to keep their valuables inside their lockers and are encouraged not to bring valuable items unrelated to school activities.

Dining Facilities

The on campus cafeteria and cafes are open on school days, operate on a cash basis, and offers a wide range of food and drinks including fresh fruit and vegetables.

Panther Store

Our on-campus (Ampang) Panther Store sells general school supplies and uniforms. It is open on school days from 7:30 am to 3:45 pm with breaks in between 8:30 am to 8:45 am and again at 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm.