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“ISKL teaches your children not who the world wants them to be but rather who they really are.”

ISKL cultivates students from early childhood to adolescence with learning experiences that will challenge them to be highly successful. While we value the importance of strong academic achievement, we know that more is expected of graduates today. This is why preparing our students with a lifelong passion for learning, the skills, knowledge and dispositions to thrive in a globally interconnected and complex world, is the cornerstone of our teaching process. We nurture our students to collaborate, think creatively, reason critically, and form global perspectives that are culturally rooted and sensitive.

With most of our alumni going on to attend some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and others traveling the world improving the lives of communities in no small way, ISKL continues to set the bar in education both locally and globally.



“Inclusion is at the very heart and soul of our identity at ISKL. It is part of our DNA, our culture and our community.”  - Rami Madani, Head of School

At ISKL it is in our mission to provide an exceptional education that challenges each student. This means that we embrace diversity in nationality, language, gender, faith, learning differences and all the other wonderful characteristics that make us individuals.  Our caring and inclusive culture provide programming which allows equal access and opportunity for students to succeed and find their passion.

Our extensive support services team, which includes English as an Additional Language (EAL), Learning Resource (LR) and Counseling professionals, work regularly with classroom teachers to design learning which addresses the needs of all students and fosters growth in the areas of academics, language acquisition, and social-emotional learning.

The system we use of ‘tiering’ our services allows us to provide targeted interventions specific to student needs at the level of intensity, frequency and duration required. 

Examples of interventions include: 

  • Small accommodations within the classroom 

  • Small group skill instruction

  • Short-term specialized support classes

  • Individualized programming based on student goals

  • Modified programming (when necessary)

Students we serve include those diagnosed with a learning or developmental disability and students identified as gifted. The award-winning Life Centered Education Program (LCE) is one facet of the continuum of services we are proud to provide.


Educational Technology

At ISKL, we embrace technology as a tool to support learning. Our faculty integrate educational technologies into the curriculum whenever it is feasible and constructive for their students’ educational needs.

Our students have access to school-wide wireless internet and multimedia studios. Other technology resources such as MacBook Pros, iPads, digital cameras, and drones are also available to enhance student learning.

In addition, we support distance learning and home-school communication through a variety of platforms. This includes Panther Apps (G-Suite), PowerSchool and Google Classroom, which are used for the purposes of learning, communication, and access to real-time information.

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