Grade 5 Social Change Maker’s Conference

Over the course of two days, Grade 5 students attended thirteen-20 minute presentations, being inspired as speakers shared personal stories, passions, and experiences, helping students gain an understanding that “ordinary” people can make a positive difference in the world. Change begins with identifying social issues and areas of need in the local community. Students were introduced to a variety of social issues and areas of need in the local community. They were then asked to reflect upon how, as responsible citizens, they might be able to make a positive change.

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Visiting Artist – Mr. Oscar Olivares

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, the Middle and High School Art Departments had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Oscar Olivares, a young painting and illustration artist from Venezuela. Mr. Olivares shared with our students how he was inspired to create art through the events happening in his home country, and how as an artist, he had the choice to pursue hope in his artworks while there might be turmoil around him. Mr. Olivares also spoke to our students about how he pursued his dream of being an artist even though he faced obstacles, and he kept on drawing and creating art – which was very inspiring to our students.

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ISKL Jazz Singers at Tasputra

ISKL Jazz Singers at TASPUTRA

During their 30-minute performance, the staff members noticed a difference in some of the children in their level of engagement and interest. They saw things in their children that they hadn’t seen before…

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Diverse elementary students celebrating deepavali

ISKL Elementary School Celebrates Deepavali!

The cultural assembly was vibrant with music and dances. Students, teachers and all staff members enjoyed the exciting performances by young professional dancers, even one as young as a two-year-old on stage!

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ES Hari Raya 2015 Blog Thumbnail

ES Hari Raya Celebration

The Elementary School was vibrant with students, faculty, parents and staff in their colorful traditional outfits to celebrate Hari Raya.

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