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VOX ISKL Belonging & Inclusion

In this edition of VOX ISKL, our panelists share their perspectives on the importance of belonging and inclusion and the role it plays in preparing students for their future.

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Rami greeting students returning from Malaysia Week
Head of School Weekly Posts

HoS News May 12 2023

Welcome back to all our Malaysia Week students! It was great to see the excited and happy faces of our Middle School students as they

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Head of School Weekly Posts

Spirit of Open House

“A wonderful opportunity to involve parents in our collaborative approach and start the year with a common understanding and goals”.  I particularly like this quote

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Parenting students in the digital age

Parenting Students in the Digital Age

To further help parents guide their children along their digital journey, a few of ISKL’s faculty members have come up with a few useful tips to ensure that students can continue learning productively and safely.

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Head of School Weekly Posts

We’re Coming Home!

There is a wonderful sense of optimism in the air. Since the announcement last week regarding our full reopening, more and more of our faculty

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ISKL Selamanya - Celebrating 55 years

Hot Off the Press

The latest issue of ISKL Selamanya, our Alumni magazine, is out now. This year, we’re celebrating ISKL’s 55th Anniversary and our cover story is a

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