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Our daughter Sehreen Shamsi and son Siam Shamsi are in ISKL while we are in Kuala Lumpur as expat for a few years. While we loved to see our children learning and growing in a truly global campus of ISKL with peers from many countries of the world, we especially admired to see they are spending time on ‘humanity projects’ in their orientation to become responsible global citizens. Well, it’s not only the students who belonged to ISKL Family, as Parents we felt in the last 2 years that my wife and I too belonged to ISKL Family. We felt it in international festivals, food carnivals, musical concerts and so on. Our family was even touched by the care of ISKL teachers and leaders during a crisis we encountered in our family in 2016. We Love ISKL!

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  • Early Childhood, Life-Centered Education (LCE), Grade 10, 11 and 12
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