Karthini Mahendranathan (’07) – IB Diploma Scholar

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KarthiniValue of the IB

The IB helped mold me into a well-rounded person with an affinity for sports, the arts, and charity. The IB also appeals to top universities around the world and assisted me in securing places in King’s College London and LSE. Public universities in Malaysia also accept the IB, which is a huge plus point.

Experience in ISKL

The scholarship certainly opened up new horizons for me. It was challenging at first, having only studied in a Malaysian public school. The teachers and staff were extremely welcoming and understanding though, that adapting was a breeze. We were encouraged to participate actively inside and outside the classroom, and various activities were organized for the benefit of the students, including in sport, charity and the arts. My time in ISKL helped mold me into who I am today, with charity playing a prominent role in my life. For all of this and more, I will forever be grateful to ISKL.