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Tracy C. - Panthers of ISKL

The New PTA President

This week, we met up with current parent Tracy C., the new PTA President for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, in the USA, this is Tracy’s second year at ISKL, having lived in Beijing, China, and Houston, Texas before that.

Tracy also has her own holistic health coaching business, and in her spare time, she loves to play the piano, sing, give music lessons, and paint.

This is her story.

Tracy C Family
Tracy & Family

“Being the PTA president is my current way of contributing my services to collaborate for the good of the entire ISKL community. I love being a part of the education of students, having taught music education for eight years in the U.S. public school system.

‘When deciding upon a school in KL, we were looking at ISKL and one other school in particular. But once my three children visited ISKL, there was no other option for them. They loved the facilities as well as all of the activities and sports. My oldest son particularly loved that ISKL has baseball! So far, my most memorable moment has been watching my youngest son give a presentation to his class and being so excited to share what he worked on. His classmates were so encouraging and gave him positive feedback!

‘My husband and I feel supported by the ISKL faculty and staff. We think that there is a high level of excellence for the students, and there is a value placed on each student’s unique skills and abilities.

‘So far, I love that ISKL has an inclusive environment that celebrates the diversity of the community and recognizes the giftings and talents of each person. We hope that our family will get to experience ISKL in its fullness very soon!

In my experience transitioning thus far into ISKL, my advice for new parents or those who are joining ISKL is that, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in putting yourself out there to make connections with others. I did this by participating in two parent coffee mornings, the ‘Adopt a Panther Parent program,’ and presented at the ‘Rock Your Wellness’ PTA event. Furthermore, I have found that our children are more resilient than we are most of the time. They will adapt and make friends very soon!

Who or what inspires you: I am inspired by the mystics, philosophers, great teachers, and everyday people who devoted their lives to listening, learning, and serving others. My favorite examples would be Rumi, Paulo Coelho, Fred Rogers, Father Richard Rhor, Rob Bell, and Sue Goff. Every day, Sue gives her full energy to many preschool-aged children and loves them as if they were her own.” 

What does ‘Be All You Are’ mean to you?

“To me, this means that you have to spend time understanding yourself and who you are, realizing what kind of work satisfies you, and then sharing your gift with the world.”

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