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Panthers of ISKL Elek C

“ISKL’s vision: know yourself, care for all, and create a better world  means that I have a responsibility to care for others and be charitable. We are all citizens of the world and should be doing our part to make it more inclusive.”

Born in Washington, USA, Elek has lived in 5 countries before making the move to Malaysia. Despite only joining ISKL in the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year, Elek C. was quickly elected as the Senior Patrol Leader for the Boy Scout troop. A position that required him to speak in front of large groups and lead and train peer youths. Although he is no longer a SPL he remains a mentor until he graduates.

Here is Elek’s story:


Tell us more about yourself?

I was born in Vancouver, Washington, USA, and am the youngest of four brothers and an uncle to my niece and nephew. I was 7 when my dad joined the state department in 2012, and we moved to Niger for two years, Kyrgyzstan for two years, Germany for two years, Egypt for three years, then we moved here to Kuala Lumpur.

I have laid my head down in 28 countries on four continents – my dog adopted us from Kyrgyzstan!

Can you tell us more about your Eagle Scout Project?

For my Eagle Scout service project, I established an Elementary level English library for refugee students at the Rawang Community Center. I did this with donated books from the community and old shelves left over from ISKL’s old campus.

Please tell us more about your experiences in the Scout Troop and becoming a Senior Patrol Leader for the 2021/2022 academic year.

I officially joined the Boy Scouts when I was six; however, my older brothers all went through the program, so I grew up in the most active scouting family. I have gone through the ranks from getting my ‘Arrow of Light Award’ as a transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

At this point, I am a Life Scout and am working on earning the Eagle rank, the highest rank in scouts, by the end of the year.

Describe your most memorable moment at ISKL?

For my work placement class in Grade 11, I was tasked with digging a pit so a ramp could be built onto the track from the gym common area. Seldom can a young person leave a lasting mark on such a prestigious facility, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to increase the accessibility of ISKL’s sports complex.

What are your plans for after you graduate from ISKL?

I will take two years to make a mission trip abroad with my church providing humanitarian work and service. Then I will enlist in the US Army to gain some additional experience and to help pay for school. I would also consider gaining some experience working as a trauma medic.

Do you have any thoughts on your career pathway?

After my military service, I want to start a small business, doing something I am passionate about. I am currently learning to work with leather and a forge for metal-working. I want to learn how to harvest honey and raise cows, pigs, goats, and chickens on my small farm.

Can you tell us about your hobbies and interests?

Like everyone else in Malaysia, I enjoy scuba diving, and I am PADI rescue certified and am working on my MasterDiver certification. I enjoy anything outdoors – I love camping, hiking, western horseback riding, hunting, gardening, and more.

Who or what inspires and influences you?

I have had a lot of scout mentors, my older brothers, and my parents, who have all pushed me to do the things I want to do.

What are your personal hopes and dreams for the future?

My life goal is to live on a self-sustaining homestead where I grow and raise food, teach my children how to do the same, and not rely on others for subsistence, security, or happiness.

What does the ISKL vision mean to you: know yourself, care for all, and create a better world?

It means that I have a responsibility to care for others and be charitable. We are all citizens of the world and should be doing our part to make it more inclusive.


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