International Fest (iFEST) 2022 – Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Organized by the ISKL Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the International Fest (iFest) 2022 was a culturally rich fun-filled event, a perfect outing for the whole family to enjoy.
Head of school opening remark during iFest
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Last week, there was an unmistakable and intense excitement on campus; after months of preparation, ISKL’s International Fest (iFEST) was finally back on campus with its first event since 2019!

ISKL has always sought to embrace cultural diversity by ensuring that all community members feel they belong, are valued, and are supported. The annual iFest event, held last November 12, is one great example of a culturally-rich experience where students can genuinely take an active role in appreciating and respecting each other’s differences as global citizens.

The ISKL Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the organizer of iFest, arranged many fun and exciting events for the whole family, including cultural activities, such as the International Flag Parade, where students from each country paraded down the school corridors bearing the flag of their country.

Students duirng iFest flag parade

In addition, both students and parents led and participated in ‘Performances from Around the World’ at the Melawati Theater. From the Malaysian Community’s opening Joget performance to the Russian Community’s Folk Dance, the Chinese Community’s Snow Dragon Chant, and the New Zealand Community’s Maori Cultural Show, visitors were highly entertained and enthralled by the colorful traditional outfits and deep cultural meaning behind each impactful performance.

Students and parent performances during iFest

Down at the Middle School and High School canteen, the much anticipated parent-run food stalls were set up and divided into culinary adventure islands, where visitors sampled mouth-watering cuisines from around the world represented by the many nationalities in our community. From Africa, to Asia, the Americas and Europe and back there were so many delicious types of foods to feast on!

Variety of foods during iFest

Over at The Jungle, the younger kids let out some much-needed steam having fun on the bouncy inflatables and obstacle course. Others took part in traditional games like congkak (a Malay logic game) and chess while the older kids tested their bravery skills at the Haunted House.

Games and activities during iFest

At the iFest marketplace outside the Robert B. Gaw theater, visitors could shop at vendors selling handicrafts, jewelry, and textiles on display. Thanks to the iFest Passport and Raffle Ticket game, fantastic prizes were also won!

iFest market vendors

A massive thank you to our PTA, especially PTA President Alexandra C., the iFest Committee Co-Chairs, Marisa F., Daisy Q., and Demi L., Community Ambassadors, and the many parents who volunteered at this fundraising extravaganza! A portion of the profits from iFest will be donated to ISKL’s Inspire Campaign to enhance the learning experience of current and future students.

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