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ISKL is a place of support, where the care and concern of the teachers and school community overflows. I felt it was a place where I could grow academically and as a person.

Malaysian student Soraya is one of ISKL’s inaugural four-year Pathways scholars who joined in August. She aspires to study in the field of food science and technology or nutrition and dietetics and has a passion for knitting and crocheting!

Here is Soraya’s story: 


Can you tell us more about yourself?

I was born and raised in Malaysia, the only place I call home. I’ve got three siblings, two older sisters, and one little brother.

A secret talent I have is crocheting and knitting!

Panthers of ISKL Soraya enjoying schoolWhat encouraged you to join ISKL as a Pathways scholar?

ISKL, in all its greatness, is a spectacular school. There are so many amazing things about it, but perhaps the environment and community drew me the most.

ISKL is a place of growth where students are nurtured and are pushed to their potential to grow. ISKL is also a place of support, where the care and concern of the teachers and school community overflows – I felt it was a place where I could grow academically and as a person.

How has the process of transition to ISKL been for you?

At first, being in ISKL would make me shiver with nervousness. Days before starting, I kept worrying about how I would make it through the first day. Thankfully, going through the orientation process relaxed me, especially with my Peer Helper, Nandini, helping with where we should go and what we should do first.

After a week in school, ISKL felt like a second home!

What are your future aspirations after you graduate from ISKL?

After graduating, I hope to further my studies abroad. For now, I’m eyeing the UK, but I’m still open to other destinations for college.

Can you tell us about your hobbies and interests?

Crochet and knitting are one of my deepest passions. I learned how to crochet last year by watching YouTube videos and then started to sell my crochet on Instagram. This year, I taught myself to knit, and I plan to knit an ISKL cardigan during the summer holidays.

Panthers of ISKL Soraya baking class

Do you participate in any co-curricular activities at ISKL?

I recently joined the Model United Nations (MUN), the rock climbing club, and I hope to join a volunteer service club. MUN has inspired me to learn more about diplomacy, international relations, and public speaking. On the other hand, rock climbing is a sport that doesn’t feel too competitive; instead, it feels like something to have fun with and improve on personally.

What are your thoughts on your career pathway?

I wish to study Food Science and Technology or maybe Nutrition/Dietetics. The science of food and nutrition has always been a big subject of interest to me, and it’s something that I would like to pursue.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I hope that I am capable of helping and boosting others and being someone who can make a change for the better. I dream that I am someone who can provide instead of just being someone who idly receives.

Panthers of ISKL Soraya and her friends

Who or what inspires and influences you?

My sisters have been a significant source of inspiration, as they’ve guided me through many life paths. They are the anchors of my life and will always be the greatest source of comfort.

Music has inspired me a lot, too; some lyrics that have struck me are “The changing points of a season are so vague, before you know it, they’ll pass you right by” and “As yet unseen winds will blow for us tomorrow.”

What is your most memorable moment at ISKL?

My most memorable memory so far has been meeting new people and making new friends. I hope to make even more fun memories in the coming year and the Global Action Program (GAP) trip!

What does the ISKL vision: know yourself, care for all, and create a better world mean to you?

It means knowing who you are and recognizing how you can push yourself to grow even further – to become a better person, care for others, and make a difference for a greater world.


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