February Book Reviews by Middle School Students

Ranging from dystopian to non-fiction and realistic-fiction tales, our Grade 8 students shared their top reading picks for the month of February!
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Loving books and getting absorbed in stories is a powerful experience with such a profound impact, no matter your age. At ISKL, there are myriad opportunities for our community of readers to participate in and gain the benefits of reading. From reading celebrations to monthly book reviews, it is a joy to witness students cultivating their love of reading and sharing their thoughts with the community. With that being said, here are this month’s Middle School students’ book reviews:

ISKL February Book Review No. 1 by Amedeo T., Grade 8 student


Title: Cockpit Confidential
Author: Patrick Smith
Genre: Non-Fiction

“This book goes really into detail of how aviation works which makes it impactful for both curious and nervous flyers. This book stands out from the others because it’s made of questions and answers. I would recommend reading it as it’s good and fun for everyone, not only for aviation geeks. This book can create a love for flying or make you more comfortable in planes.”


ISKL February Book Review No. 2 by Aurora W., Grade 8 student


Title: The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Genre: Dystopian

“It’s about a group of boys who are trapped inside a maze. They need to get out, but they don’t have any memory of their past lives or what’s outside the maze. They just know they need to get out no matter the cost. It’s amazing because it’s just so well written. It’s so vivid, it sends shivers down my spine and I’ll probably never get rid of it, even if I’ve read it countless times.”


ISKL February Book Review No. 3 by Doris Z., Grade 8 student


Title: 少年的你,如此美丽 (In His Youth, In Her Beauty)
Author: Jiu Yuexi
Genre: Realistic Fiction

“This is a book that I always enjoy reading because it has showcased how teenagers think about society. This story also did a really good job of constructing the character’s school life. Even though you might not understand Chinese, I still recommend this book. Also, there’s a movie adapted from this story named Better Days.”


ISKL February Book Review No. 4 by Naho S., Grade 8 student


Title: Sold
Author: Patricia McCormick
Genre: Realistic Fiction

“It’s about a 13-year-old girl named Lakshmi who lives in Nepal and later gets sold into prostitution. The reason why I recommend this book to anyone in Middle School is because I think that human trafficking needs to be spoken out, and the things that happen throughout the story could also give you a bigger sight of what’s happening in the world.”

A big thank you to Amedeo T., Aurora W., Doris Z., and Naho S. for sharing their passion for reading with the community. Missed the January book review? We invite you to read them here


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