January Book Reviews by Middle School Students

Selecting books from the Middle & High School library, our Middle School students shared their thoughts on their favorite read of the month!
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Home » ISKL Blog » January Book Reviews by Middle School Students

ISKL January Book Review No. 1 by Chloe T., Grade 6 student

Book title Chinese Cinderella

Title: Chinese Cinderella
Author: Adeline Yen Mah
Genre: Biography

“This book is about a Chinese girl and her struggles and journey being an ‘unwanted’ child. It incorporates bits of Chinese culture and history, making it very interesting. I think it gives you a peek at what it’s like to be an ‘unwanted’ Chinese girl.

It’s very inspiring and I think that it’s a must-read. I recommend this book because it has lots of twists and turns and also talks about what she did in the face of adversity.

It also talks about Adeline’s family and how favoritism affected her life. I like that it has history incorporated like how Japan took over China. The adventures that Adeline goes through are sad and interesting to read. This book definitely shows how society has changed from then to now.

I think one of the reasons that it’s written so well is because the author also went through these experiences so she can really connect with the story which makes it more interesting and touching.”

 ISKL January Book Review No. 2 by Kaya E., Grade 8 student

Book Title Safe as Houses

Title: Safe as Houses
Author: Eric Walters
Genre: Historical Fiction

“It is a fictional story based on the real tragedies that occurred during Hurricane Hazel in 1954. The main characters are three children; Elizabeth, David, and Suzy, who have to escape and survive the flood caused by the hurricane. The kids encounter many problems, but they must keep working together to stay alive.

I like this book because it is so realistically written that it gives me an understanding of what kinds of things the people who survived the hurricane went through and the trauma that they suffered. I highly recommend reading this action-packed book that will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.”

Thank you to our Middle School students, Chloe T. and Kaya E., for sharing their love of reading with the community. Interested in reading more book reviews? Check out “The Most Inclusive Book I Know” reviews by our students who are part of the Middle School Reading Celebrations.


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