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Alumni Sarah Kossler


Name: Sarah Kossler

Curriculum: Mix of IB & HS Diploma Courses

What are your plans for life after ISKL?
University, college, further education

If you are going to university which universities have you received acceptances for?
Attending: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (US) – Nutrition and Dietetics with Culinary Arts

Other acceptances:
St. Louis University (US)
Mercyhurst University (US)

What are you looking forward to most?
I am really looking forward to the new adventures and experiences that are in front of me. I am super excited to start learning about something that I am passionate about and meet people who can educate me in this field. There are also great study abroad programs that are offered in college. I am hoping that sometime in the future I can go to Europe and be immersed in the food culture there. I think I would learn a lot and have a fun time exploring the country.

What will you miss most about ISKL?
ISKL will always be a memorable place for me. I will miss the Global Action Program (GAP) and all the amazing experiences in volleyball, dance, forensics, thespians, and the National Art Honor Society (NHAS). All the activities and sports I have been a part of were truly enjoyable and I was around a great group of people.